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Town of Banff discloses council pay

Salaries and benefits for Banff's elected officials are determined with the help of a review committee made up of public members that makes recommendations for changes in the year prior to an election
Banff town council

BANFF – Salary and benefits for Banff’s politicians last year have been publicly released.

The total remuneration packages for Mayor Karen Sorensen and six part-time councillors were disclosed in the Town of Banff’s audited consolidated financial statements for 2019, which were approved by council on Monday (May 25).

Officials say a compensation review committee made up of public members makes recommendations on mayor and council pay in the year prior to an election. 

“The intention is always that council is not voting themselves on remuneration,” said Mayor Sorensen, whose position has been full-time since 2013 when the public committee decided the tourist town needed a full-time mayor.

For 2019, Mayor Sorensen had a total compensation package of $104,869, including a base salary of $95,879 and $8,990 in benefits and allowances. This compares to a total compensation of $90,370 in 2018.

There are differences in individual councillors’ salaries, which for example, are based on who attends conferences such as the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) and the Canadian Federation of Municipalities (FCM).

Councillors in Banff are not paid for committee work.

On the higher end, Coun. Brian Standish’s full compensation package was $37,560 in total, made up of a $31,817 salary and $5,743 in benefits and allowances. While on the lower end, Coun. Peter Poole earned $31,387, including a $30,977 salary and $410 in benefits.

Coun. Chip Olver received a $31,607 salary and $5,743 in allowances and benefits for a total of $37,350.

Total compensation for Coun. Grant Canning of $36,504 included a base salary of $32,867 salary and $3,637 benefits and allowances, 

Coun. Ted Christensen had a salary of $34,881 and $585 in allowances and benefits, totalling $35,466 total. 

Coun. Corrie DiManno compensation was a total of $35,664, including a base salary of $32,027 and $3,637 in benefits and allowances.


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