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NWR is proud to offer the highest level of quality, experience, customer service and reliability.

Providing residential and commercial service in Canmore, Banff and the Bow Valley since 1999.

Whether your project is new construction or existing, our skilled professionals and I will be there with and for you every step of the way.

We treat every project large or small with the utmost dedication and detail to ensure the highest level of quality.


Every great paint job requires great preparation. Inside or out, we take the time and energy required to prepare your project properly. This results in the best possible product when it comes to aesthetics, durability, and longevity. Only the highest quality low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) products are used providing a safe and friendly environment for our clients.  We also provide textures and faux finishes for whatever you, your designer, or we can dream up.  When your home or commercial space is returned to you after we are done it will be as clean as when it was given to us.


We are leaders in quality, experience, and equipment technology. Wood finishes are an excellent way to add beauty and life to your home or commercial space. From stains to clear-coating, solid colours to antique or distressed finishes, we use both solvent and water-based products. Whether the wood is old or new our knowledge and experience will help you decide what is right for you. Finishing on-sight woodwork can be a dusty and sometimes smelly process. Our dust-free sanding systems, area-isolation and ducted fans provide a clean and controlled environment to work in while the area outside can easily be occupied.  We deliver factory grade finishes on and off site depending on your application.


These will most likely see the most use and abuse of any surface in your space other than your floor. Extensive preparation and special primers are used as well as top-of-the-line finishing systems to ensure the most beautiful and durable surfaces available today. A lot of this work is done off site; however, built-ins will often require us to set up our on-site spray booths so as not to disturb the living or business situation. Refinishing kitchens or built-in cabinets are a great cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to change the look and feel of your home or business.


When it comes to wall coverings, we make sure to take the time to prep and size the surfaces properly. Whether it is small or large, our team of installers will provide “seamless” results on your project. We also do removals prior to painting or installation of new wall coverings. After you have chosen the right wallpaper or vinyl for your project, we can take care of the rest, from ordering to installation.


We are extremely passionate about our Venetian plasters. We use authentic lime and marble-based plasters that come from Italy. They are suitable for interior and exterior surfaces. You can even use them inside your shower as an alternative to tile. They come in any colour and range in texture from a coarse to a highly polished marble finish. These plasters have zero VOC’s and are a natural organic filter for the air around them. The possibilities are endless so let’s dream up something amazing for you.


We care greatly about our environment and whenever possible we use the most environmentally friendly products. We also believe strongly in products that last. Most of all we are conscious about waste. Whenever possibly we reuse the plastics, floor coverings, empty cans, etc. The more we can keep out of the landfill the better. If you have old hardware, cabinets, appliances, or furniture from your renovation we will try and source a new home for them. We offer this as a casual service for reusing products.