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Tenn Roof Co. –  A dream comes true for two food truck owners

Put some south in your mouth!
Tenn Roof Co 2
Burritos year round? Yes, please.

About 15 years ago, Gayle Lefever and Brande White daydreamed together about owning their own restaurant as they worked together at Chili’s.

Both had moved to Canmore for work and eventually moved on to other jobs. Fast forward to the start of COVID-19 and everything changed. White was on the hunt for a job and up against competition so fierce, she wasn’t having any luck.

That was until someone asked her if she was interested in running a food truck. She contacted Gayle – who jumped on board – and within a few short weeks, the women had secured investors and started developing products.

Tenn Roof Co. was born.

“All my favourite foods are from Tennessee," said White, who's from Tennessee. "I crave those things from home and wanted to bring them to Canada."

Lefever says every day is fun.

“We have a great culture and we collaborate well. It feels like hanging out with your friends all day. Work is comforting and that translates to the food. You get to come down, eat, and hang out with all of us. We’ve had the same staff from day one.”

While there is plenty of fun to go around, it hasn’t been easy. Being a food truck with a patio, Tenn Roof Co. is often at the mercy of the weather. Both women also had to learn some things on the go, such as septic service and decaling for the trailer.

Last year, Tenn Roof Co. was honoured to be invited to sell at Sunshine Village in Banff National Park.

The day before their trailer was due on site, Canmore got a foot of snow. True to the spirit of “good business neighbours” in town, help arrived. The trailer was chained to a grater and pulled up the mountain.

“We are living the dream, but it can be hectic,” both White and Lefever admitted. 

White and Lefever would like to thank everyone that has helped their dream come true, including but not limited to their initial investor and biggest cheerleader Sandra Oshanyk, Tracy Little, Paul Gordon from Marek Hospitality and Dino from Ridgewood Signcrafters.

Many people say they cook with love, but White and Lefever do spice up their food with love. And salsa verde. Made from roasted tomatillos. The point is, to truly experience a taco or burrito that embodies everything good friends, family, community, and food stands for, you need to check out Tenn Roof Co. Learn more on Facebook and Instagram.