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Ten Fields for Education Right Now! Careers in Hot Demand

As universities and colleges adapt to the changing world, one truth remains: education is still a key factor in success.
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Let’s count down 10 education paths that provide reliable and promising careers now and in the future.

10. Veterinary Medicine

Becoming a vet is no small feat. Most programs in Canada are a four-year post-grad degree reserved only for those with top marks from a science program. But if there is a position that accurately reflects “time spent is money earned,” it would be your local veterinarian.

9. Public Relations

Some 20 years ago, there were four journalists for every PR person. Today, the number has almost flipped. More and more, people with journalism and writing backgrounds are pivoting to the world of communications and marketing, crafting your favourite social media campaigns, organizing community events and helping form a bond between customer and brand.

8. Finance

Cardi B is not alone in knowing the value of making money move. Financial institutions are an essential service in the world. Those who know how to trade and manage portfolios are highly-valued. So much that there are math programs at top universities dedicated to how math works when money is involved.

7. Project Management

In many ways, projects are only getting more complex as people work remotely. Being able to manage all of the required expertise and people while still producing quality work on time is extremely difficult. That is why people with PMP certifications are still in high demand.

6. Oil & Gas Driller

No one will sugarcoat it: working “on the rigs” is hard work – but it is work that is generously compensated even as the price of oil goes up and down. While the industry, like many others, is particularly vulnerable to the boom-and-bust cycle, there is plenty of money to be had in this field.

5. Engineering

Engineering is a broad topic, from people making new construction materials to designing new software. They also vary in pay, but there is a reason why many engineering programs boast the highest entrance averages: this path is a step into a stable career with a worldwide fraternity of professionals.

4. Construction Management

Want to build a better tomorrow? That’s what construction managers do every day. Often starting in a valued trade, these professionals begin by overseeing smaller projects until they are the people putting up high rises.

3. Pharmacists

As Canada’s population ages the need for high quality, reliable healthcare will only increase. While doctors, nurses and support workers of all kinds are needed and in demand, many people overlook the value, and salary, that a pharmacist can command.

2. Pipefitting

As you can see from much of this list, the trades are not just a viable career path. They are a bankable and reliable choice that can help people be economically successful early on. In Canada, where the energy sector remains a major player, there are few trades more valuable than pipefitting. Of course, many people think of oil pipelines when they think of the profession, but the truth is these skilled tradespeople will be essential no matter where Canada’s energy sector goes.

1. Computer Science

The great automation revolution is here and, for many, the choice seems to be between having your job automated or being part of automating someone else’s job. Today, computer scientists are at the forefront of everything AI and many are coming from computer science programs.

Education remains key to future success, but you no longer need a four-year bachelor’s degree to make that happen. Follow your passion and you can find a career that will reward your hard work and dedication.