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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Tiny Outdoor Space this Summer

So, you’ve got a mini little outdoor space? Don’t you worry. The sun is shining, and we’re not about to let you miss out on any outdoor time due to limited space. Here are some ways to make the most of what you’ve got.
7-3 small-garden-with-barbecue
Make the best use of space in small gardens with a barbecue, fire pit and built-in seating.

Not all patios and lawns are made equal. Whether you’ve got a tiny little patio, a barely-there stoop, or a little slice of grass, we want to help you maximize your outdoor space. It’s summer, and there’s no time to dwell on what we’re lacking. Let’s make the most of what we’ve got. Here are some tips to get every last drop of surface area out of your tiny outdoor space.

Get a Convertible Fire Pit

There’s nothing like sitting by the fire on a summer night. If you don’t have the big yard you need for a full-on fire pit; a little gas fire could do the trick. Of course, you’ll want to ensure it’s safe and permissible in your living situation. If you are permitted to have an outdoor gas fire, you can consider making it small-space friendly. Many of the convertible fire pits on the market function as tables or coffee tables when they’re not in use. You can get more bang for your buck and more space. A win-win!

Lean into Built-Ins

If you want an outdoor seating or dining area, nothing saves space quite like built-ins. Consider building benches right into the wall. This way, the wall can be used as a backrest, and there are no wasted spaces behind your seating. You can consider building shelves that attach to the walls if you need space-saving storage.

It’s All About Dual-Purpose

Speaking of smart storage, dual-purpose furniture is where it’s at when it comes to saving space. If your benches can double as storage bins with a lift-able seat, that’s a great way to save space. Alternatively, you can use the area below your seating to store more weather-proof things like lawn games and gear. The cardinal rule for small spaces is that you want to make as many things as dual-purpose as possible. Hide your storage, folks!

Cozy it Up

Nothing makes a space seem more inviting than an added bit of coziness. Bringing indoor vibes out is always a great call; consider adding an area rug and some throw pillows to make the small space even more inviting. If your outdoor area is homey and warm, you won’t even notice it’s on the smaller side.

Try Vertical Gardening

While adding some colourful florals or fragrant herbs to your outdoor space is always a welcomed addition, it sure can suck up space. Rather than positioning your planters on the ground, try hanging them or building a vertical pallet garden into one of your walls or railings. It’s lovely to look at and a great way to save space.

Who Needs a Table?

When planning your space, you might wonder how you will fit a table into the fix. Why not cancel the table altogether? Side tables and trays totally do the trick, and they can open up the area when you aren’t eating a meal. If you’re having a coffee or a cocktail, all you need is a surface to rest your drink; you don’t need an entire table. The same goes for working. A personal, chair-side table is more than enough. 

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