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Bigfoot may roam in Banff

Bigfoot may roam in Banff

Bigfoot believers claim they have DNA evidence that proves the mythical half-man, half-ape-like creature has been roaming the forests of Banff and Kootenay national parks.

Eagles ask for rent deferral

The Canmore Eagles hockey club wants the municipality to defer its rental fees for arena ice in order for the organization to get back on its feet again.

Trapping rabbits still illegal in Canmore

A volunteer organization working to put forward a proposal to use non-lethal methods in dealing with Canmore’s feral rabbit population are concerned residents of the community are taking matters into their own hands.
Serial smasher targets Glacier Drive

Serial smasher targets Glacier Drive

Someone is smashing car windows on Glacier Drive, as this reporter experienced Saturday morning (Aug. 27). Five other vehicles parked on the street that day had similar damage. One car even had a large rock lodged in its windshield.

Foundation looking for new director

Facing a future filled with increased needs at the local hospital, the Canmore and Area Health Care Foundation is looking for a new executive director.

Fines for noisy campers at Tunnel

A number of tourists have been fined for making too much noise late at night and contravening other regulations in the national park.

Artist shares vision for Multiplex art

The first of three finalists in the running to design a public art installation for the $39 million Canmore Multiplex shared his vision for public art and some ideas of where he may go with his design. Barrie, Ont.

Upgrades planned for K-Country water system

A $40 million expansion of the water and wastewater facilities in Kananaskis Country is being planned.
Caribou populations affected by trails, roads

Caribou populations affected by trails, roads

A new scientific study shows recreational trails and roads are giving wolves easy access to critical woodland caribou habitat, where the carnivores are hunting struggling herds.

Banff to change skateboarding rule

Skateboarding is not a crime, unless you’re doing it in Banff after 11 p.m., but that’s about to change.