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Chief removed, election ordered for Morley

Although an appeal is said to be in the works, a federal court judge sided with members of the Bearspaw First Nation in their fight for an election. The verdict, which came down June 22, removes Chief David Bearspaw Jr.
Parks keeping close eye on curious cougars

Parks keeping close eye on curious cougars

CATHY ELLIS BANFF Two curious cougars have been caught and collared so wildlife officials can closely track them.

Council accepts SSR for bowling alley

A downtown property owner is looking at developing a 10-lane bowling alley and family entertainment centre.

Metal detectors to be introduced after stabbing

A Banff nightclub will begin using hand held metal detectors after one of its security staff was stabbed over the weekend. Dancing Sasquatch co-owner Stavros Karlos said staff and security at the club followed protocols, Saturday (June 25) night.
Community greenhouse officially opens

Community greenhouse officially opens

Resplendent with young flowers and vegetables growing in wood planter boxes, it was clear local gardeners just couldn’t keep the dirt from their fingernails while waiting for the official opening of the Banff Community Greenhouse, Monday (June 27).

Banff looking at franchise regulation

Banff is considering a third-party study to examine how proposals to regulate franchise restaurants and souvenir shops may affect the economy in the face of opposition from Banff’s business heavyweights.

Province puts $900,000 into transit

The Valley’s regional transit commission is closer to putting rubber on the road after an infusion of $900,000 from the province’s Green Trip program.

Provincial departments debate TCH wildlife fencing

Highway mortality is contributing to the decline of Bow Valley Provincial Park’s elk population, causing Sustainable Resource Development officials to call for more wildlife fencing along the Trans-Canada Highway.
Teepee offers cultural healing at hospital

Teepee offers cultural healing at hospital

On a day dedicated to aboriginal awareness across Canada, Canmore General Hospital celebrated the raising of a teepee where patients and their families can gather for prayers, smudging ceremonies and traditional healing, Tuesday (June 21).

Project shows benefit of river management

If the people who rely on the Bow River and its tributaries for water want to ensure everyone has enough water well into the future, the river system needs a completely different and cooperative management regime.