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Local News

Burn planned for Red Deer valley

Fire crews in Banff National Park are lighting up an area in the Red Deer River Valley this month to boost wildlife habitat and control the spread of mountain pine beetles.

Canadian Tire gearing up for November opening

The owners of the new Canadian Tire store in Canmore are excited about moving into the community and their fast approaching store opening.

Contractor fined for using access road to fish

A TransAlta contractor who used his keys to enter a power access road in order to fish in Banff National Park was fined $400 last week.
Snail population in Kidney Spring alive and well

Snail population in Kidney Spring alive and well

A local population of the endangered Banff Springs snail – believed to have been completely wiped out earlier this year – has been found alive and well.

Valley gets winter games

In unison, hundreds of voices could be heard through the halls of Lawrence Grassi Elementary School chanting over and over again: “we want the games!” The pep rally cheers, however, were nothing compared to the applause from students and officials wh

Cubs learning crossing lessons

It’s a lesson young grizzly bear cubs in remote wilderness areas don’t have to learn – how to cross a deadly stretch of highway smack dab in the middle of their home range.

Guatemalan students visiting Canmore

For nine years, Hearts and Hands has sent hundreds of volunteers to Guatemala, bent on improving the lives of the impoverished in Central America.

Scientists gather at Rockies glacier research site

Following the paved walkway to the Peyto Lake lookout, Scott Munro soon arrived at the dirt trail branching from the popular tourist viewpoint. Dropping downhill through old-growth spruce forest, at the lakeshore he headed across gravel flats.

Pair fined for biking Minnewanka

A pair of mountain bikers were fined $400 each for riding Minnewanka Trail while the activity was under a superintendent’s ban. Damian Francis and Gabriel Laroche pleaded guilty last week in Canmore Provincial Court in front of Judge Marlene Graham.

Commercial taxpayers could see rate increase for employee housing

After years spent trying to develop a working policy that will see employee housing developed in Canmore, council is considering charging commercial taxpayers extra.