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Local News

Brand launch set for next week

The long-awaited rebranding of Canmore will be unveiled next week. Canmore Business and Tourism has been tasked by the municipality to develop the brand story, its supporting visuals and messages with consultant Destination Development International.

Student speaks up for polar sustainability

A young Canmore woman is at a United Nations conference in Rio de Janeiro this week as part of a group of students trying to get the attention of world leaders to protect Antarctica and the Arctic.

Nightclubs remain permitted use in downtown Banff

CATHY ELLIS BANFF A move to give Banff nightclubs a higher level of scrutiny in light of concerns about the impacts late night partiers have on neighbouring residential areas and downtown hotels has been turned down.
Lafarge modernization project to improve traffic flow, emissions at Exshaw plant

Lafarge modernization project to improve traffic flow, emissions at Exshaw plant

Lafarge Canada is planning on developing a community outreach plan as part of the plant expansion and modernization project set to begin this fall.
Borrowman wins mayor job with half the vote

Borrowman wins mayor job with half the vote

Canmore has a new mayor and with nearly half the popular vote in this week’s byelection, John Borrowman says his mandate is clear.

Banff to stick with B&B lottery system

The number of bed and breakfast homes allowed in Banff will be regulated by a quota system if a district is ever maxed out, despite arguments to move to a first-come, first-served system.

Third wolf dead on Trans-Canada

An adult wolf has been found dead on the Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park – the third wolf to die at the hands of humans in the past two weeks. The wolf was hit and killed about five kilometres east of the Alberta-B.C.

Fine for allowing off-leash dog chase grizzly and cubs

A woman has been fined $300 after her off-leash dog chased and harassed a mother grizzly and her three cubs in Banff. On May 17, at 2 p.m. Brigitte Hopkins of Banff had her dog off-leash not far from her home.

Bylaw ticket issued for grease bin

A Banff restaurant was issued a bylaw violation after two of bear 64’s cubs were licking its grease bin at the end of May.

Land sale could help local company

A decision to subdivide and begin negotiations to sell public land in a sole source agreement could help a local company remain in Canmore.