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Local News

Two young wolves killed on Trans-Canada highway

Two young wolves were found dead on the Trans-Canada Highway earlier this week.

Parks seeks to restore cutthroat to lower Cascade River

Parks Canada plans to reintroduce native fish extirpated from Banff National Park’s most manipulated and regulated river system back into their historic home next year.

Bitternose deemed a risk to reoffend

Cory Lawrence Bitternose has a moderate to high probability to reoffend without a considerable period of incarceration and supervision.
Storms result in flood watch for mountain parks

Storms result in flood watch for mountain parks

Two back-to-back storms put the mountain national parks on flood watch for several days last week as rivers rapidly swelled – but the worst appears to be over for now.

Election candidates make final push to polls

Three candidates for the job of mayor and nine looking to fill two council positions have made their final push to the polls of next week’s byelection.

Climbing cash approved

Canmore’s elected officials voted to subsidize the climbing community to keep an indoor facility open until Elevation Place is up and running this winter.

Public consultation for train station land

A vision of Banff Caribou Properties to essentially develop a satellite commercial district on the derelict Banff railway lands hasn’t been derailed yet – but is going out for broader public consultation.
Bow Valley's 'Mother Teresa' remembered for her dedication

Bow Valley's 'Mother Teresa' remembered for her dedication

Determined, kind-hearted and generous is how Canmore’s much-loved May Riva is being remembered this week following her death Sunday, June 10 at the age of 94, just 22 days shy of her 95th birthday.

School board to ask province's help with deficit

The local public school board may have cut more positions and kept its budget balanced this year, but it has not yet begun to address its deficit. Canadian Rockies Public Schools passed the $25.

Canmore copes with flood aftermath

Last week’s rainstorm and resulting flood watch for Canmore put officials on high alert and caused significant damage along Cougar Creek.