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Exshaw voters return Cooper, Ryan to council

Over 65 per cent of approximately 300 eligible voters in Exshaw turned out Monday (Oct. 21) to choose the two councillors who will represent them over the next four years.

Sobeys to sell Canmore store

Sobeys Inc. is set to sell 23 stores in Western Canada, including its Canmore grocery outlet. The sale is the result of a consent agreement the company came to with the Competition Bureau of Canada in order to go through with a $5.

Cougar Creek mitigation work set to begin

Work on Cougar Creek to prevent future devastating floods is set to begin next week in Canmore. Council approved a $14 million short-term mitigation program in September and manager of engineering Andy Esarte said this week a $10.

Aging and activity go hand-in-hand

Age is just a number and that saying is ringing more true than ever before. Canada reached a demographic milestone in the last decade. According to Statistics Canada, “Seniors accounted for a record high of 14.

Two new faces on Banff council

Banff’s four incumbent councillors were delivered a solid mandate from residents in Monday’s (Oct. 21) municipal election, with Stavros Karlos, Grant Canning, Brian Standish and Chip Olver all securing another term on council.

Family fun at annual Halloween parade

It grows in size every year and takes over downtown Canmore. It sounds like a monster – but it’s more like a monster of a good time.

Motorcyclist riding for the CAUSE

The only thing better than hitting the open road is hitting it to make a positive change. Gregory Waldner is no stranger to long distance motorcycle treks in support of international fundraising and this year is no exception.
Sorensen returned for second term as mayor

Sorensen returned for second term as mayor

Incumbent mayor Karen Sorensen has been re-elected to Banff’s top job in the first mayoral race since 2004. With 946 votes and taking 50.

Banff schools face increasing ESL needs

The increasing number of temporary foreign workers and landed immigrants living in Banff with their families is putting local schools in a new situation.
Debate on over bison re-introduction

Debate on over bison re-introduction

Parks Canada’s draft plan to bring plains bison back to Banff is a good one, according to a rancher who lives and works along the western edge of Prince Albert National Park, but it needs a stronger commitment to working with ranchers along the easte