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Wolf and bison coexistence subject of study

Wolf and bison coexistence subject of study

Wolves in Banff National Park would not likely find an easy meal on the hoof if Parks Canada does indeed reintroduce plains bison.

June 13 Banff census will dictate funding

Census takers will go door-to-door in Banff beginning June 13 in an attempt to collect information about people living in town and to get an accurate population number.

Canmore puts financial support behind Alberta Winter Games bid

Canmore’s elected officials voted unanimously to back an Alberta Winter Games bid with a $150,000 contribution over the next three years.

Multiplex sponsorship to be discussed at planning session

What the future name of the Multiplex could be and whether or not the Town would be open to corporate sponsorship is a subject of discussion for Canmore council at its upcoming planning session.
Orphaned grizzly cubs surviving on own

Orphaned grizzly cubs surviving on own

Two orphaned yearling grizzly bear cubs seem to be faring well – for now.

Banff looking for green space in budget

Trees that have died or are dying along Banff’s famed tourist strip could end up being replaced.

Delegates urge political action on water concerns

In Perth, the capital of Western Australia, nobody doubts whether climate change is real, or that it is happening right now. A drought which began in 1975 is no longer considered a temporary phenomenon, said Dr.

Town setting sustainability goals - but needs help reaching them

Sally Caudill, environmental care coordinator for the Town of Canmore, understands all too well the familiar groan when words like environmental sustainability start getting passed around.

Seasonal speed reductions in Lake Louise

Travelers on the Trans-Canada Highway through the Lake Louise area are going to have to slow down this summer after Parks Canada implemented reduced speed zones.

Bow River bridge construction delayed

Construction to repair and maintain Bow River Bridge has been delayed until after the August long weekend, meaning a mid-summer traffic nightmare for those needing to cross it.