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Local gymnasts strong at home competition

Local gymnasts strong at home competition

Seven gymnasts finished at the top of their age and skill group in the biggest meet of the year, as the Canmore Illusions club winds down a successful season.

Alpine racing injuries examined

Jan Hudec knows a thing or six about ski injuries. The Banff world cup alpine racer has alternated between blistering speeds on the top courses in the world and long bouts on the injured list for the past 10 years.

Canmore Minor Soccer players join competitive Calgary league

Canmore Minor Soccer embarked on a new chapter in league history, Saturday (May 7), when Bow Valley players participated in their first game as members of the Calgary Minor Soccer League.

Rafter Six hearing raises concerns

A public hearing for a proposed amendment to the Rafter Six Ranch Resort where owners are seeking permission to redevelop cabins garnered little overall opposition, but did raise some concerns about long-term effects on wildlife.

Big mountain skiers tame Mount Bourgeau

After eyeballing one of the most tempting yet elusive ski routes in the region for much of the winter, a pair of Bow Valley ski mountaineers built up the courage to tackle the treacherous south face of Mount Bourgeau in Banff National Park on April 2

Babikov trades snow for spills

Canada’s Ivan Babikov made his Wipeout television debut last week, finishing fourth in a special competition that pitted Olympic athletes against one another – and a challenging obstacle course.

Banff women open rugby season

Azure crocuses are blooming, endangered bears are emerging and the Banff Rugby Union girls are smashing mouths – sure signs of spring in the Bow Valley.

Canmore biathlete heading to Youth Olympic games

Canmore’s Aidan Miller has been selected to be one of four young promising biathletes to participate in the inaugural Youth Olympic Winter Games in Innsbruck, Austria next January.
Skizziks, Maidens repeat at Peaks basketball tourney

Skizziks, Maidens repeat at Peaks basketball tourney

It was a case of déjŕ vu all over again at the 2011 Peaks basketball tournament, as the Skizziks and Maidens both repeated their championship runs.

Valley climbers topple competition

The Bow Valley’s top wall crawlers again proved why they are amongst the best in the west.