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Bighorn starts the process to rename Gonzo Road

An 800-metre patch of gravel road is up for discussion as the MD council seeks feedback for the potential renaming of Gonzo Road
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BIGHORN – Going, going Gonzo.

An unconventionally named road in the MD of Bighorn is under review after several informal requests were received by the municipality.

Gonzo Road, located on the eastern boundary of the MD, was historically named after a landowner who resided at the end of the road. But after several recent requests from residents to consider a different name, Bighorn council is taking the necessary steps to explore different avenues.

"In the past, there have been numerous informal inquiries regarding renaming Gonzo Road ... administration received an inquiry to rename the portion of Gonzo Road within the MD's boundary to Highland Ranch Road," Bighorn director of operations Bill Luka explained at the March 10 council meeting.

The road begins in Rocky View County with access from Highway 1A near the Ghost Reservoir Recreation Area, with only approximately 800-metres within the MD boundary.

Luka noted the MD has contacted Rocky View County, which raised no concerns with the potential name change.

Administration asked council for permission to contact landowners whose properties are adjacent to, or have access from, Gonzo Road, to gauge public support to rename the road.

"But that is my favourite Muppet," Reeve Dene Cooper said with a laugh during the council meeting, referencing the eccentric Gonzo the Great blue Muppet. 

After a brief discussion about which Muppets matched which councillors’ personalities – with mention of the Statler and Waldorf – council got down to business.

Councillors Erik Butters and Paul Clark spoke of the history of naming roads behind early European settlers, but noted they supported a more generic name for the gravel road.

"[For example] Jamieson Road was there before there even was a road, but I think in this case a more generic road name might be more appropriate," Butters said.

Butters also suggested the name Guesser Road or Trail, as the name has Scottish origins and it was mostly Scottish families who settled in the area.

It was a unanimous decision with the exception of Coun. Lisa Rosvold – who was absent from the March meeting – to adopt administration's recommendation to contact neighbouring property owners to gauge interest.

Once administration has received feedback, the information will be presented to council.