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Dene Cooper

MD of Bighorn Ward 1 councillor by acclamation
Dene Cooper
Dene Cooper


Teacher: Permanent Professional Certification, Alberta, taught from 1971 to 2004.

Bighorn Bow Corridor Environment Committee 1985 to present, charter member

Exshaw: Heart of the Valley, 2005, co-author

Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley, Director

Calgary Regional Airshed Zone, Director, charter member

40 years

To insure the long-term sustainability of the communities of Bighorn. We are a community of unique communities - safe, diverse and strong.

Let's resolve to move wisely forward together.

The councillor's obligation is to direct and protect in matters as outlined in the Municipal Government Act.

To foster and maintain an ongoing community wide conversation that first seeks to understand.




Problem Aware: Solution Focused

Proven Leadership

Thirteen years of Council experience: 11 years as Reeve

Long-term Flood Funding to provide much better protection from Alpine Torrent flooding.

Need for a new municipal work shop

Need to rehabilitate our public roads

Land Swap at DMF

To maintain the present service levels and make improvements as needed.

External pressures that affect local issues. We live in a complex and changing world. When pressures evolve from internal needs, we understand them better and act more quickly with greater confidence. When pressures are external, it takes more time to listen and learn.

Ward 1 has 460 residents. We know each other.

I am available to local meetings, telephone calls, emails, and visits at the kitchen table.

Take a look at my biography on the MD of Bighorn Homepage.

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