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Lisa Rosvold

MD of Bighorn Ward 2 candidate
Lisa Rosvold
Lisa Rosvold

Lisa Rosvold

2015 - Present: Wildrose Electrical Construction Inc

2012 - 2017: Downer Contracting

2009 - 2012: Sticks and Stone Design Group

2008 - 2011: Rocky Mountain Flatbread Education Society

2008 - BOWDA

2009 – 2011 Town of Canmore - Environmental Advisory Review Committee (EARC) Chair for 1 year

2012 – 2015 Significant volunteering roles on many successful political campaigns in the Bow Valley,

2012 – 2014 Director at Large for Alpenglow Community Education Society (ACES), organized various school fundraisers.

2013 – Created the Canmore hearts Bighorn campaign and raised $22,500 for the residents of the MD that were affected by the flood.

2104 – Raised $20,550 in five days for Crazy Larry after he was severely injured in a bike crash

2017 – Present Director at Large for the Dead Man's Flats Community Association (DMFCA)

12 years

Over the last 2 years I have gone through the process of working with the MD to build a home in Dead Man's Flats. Since moving here in January, I have taken an active role in creating the Dead Man's Flats Community Association, have familiarized myself with the bylaws of the MD and participated in workshops.

The diversity of the Hamlets is well known to me, and I believe that there are cases where each community should be entitled to its own decisions and, should be treated independently of each other.

I graduated with an Honours Earth Sciences Degree with an emphasis in Polar Regions from Trent University, in 2005. My degree left me with an incredible sense of accomplishment, however it turned out that degree was leading me to work at a desk in the city, and I am a small-town girl. I spent time working with the Bow Valley Builders and Developers Association (BOWDA), and numerous years after that as a member. I have a proven history of leadership, having been a manager at Downer Contracting for almost 5 years, working in Human Resources while in that role. My time at Downer allowed me to initiate a working relationship with some of the industry leaders of the MD, including Lafarge and Graymont. I have ten years of Board of Directors experience. I am a community builder and want to make a positive impact by planning for the future, and serving the constituents of this Ward.

LOCAL PERSPECTIVE – I have lived in the Bow Valley for almost 12 years but is has been my ten years of local volunteer experience that gives me true local perspective. Raising a family as well as building a business and a house in the Valley has made it our home.

COMMUNICATION - Having been elected as the Director of Communications for the Banff - Cochrane PC Association and as a board member of Alpenglow Community Education Society and Dead Flat's Community Association I have preformed many roles in communications.

COMMUNITY BUILDER – Creating the Canmore hearts Bighorn campaign that raised $22,500 for the residents of the MD that were affected by the 2013 flood was one of my community building initiatives.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – As the Financial Manager for Wildrose Electrical Construction Inc., and Director for Alpenglow Community Education Society (ACES), organizing various school fundraisers I understand very well how to balance needs and wants.

UNDISTRACTED COMMITMENT - My involvement with the family business provides for flexibility in my schedule that allows me to fully commit to council.

Responsible Development and Land Use is the most significant role that a municipal government performs. It is important for council to lead so that a balance between human use and the environment can be achieved. Balancing our wildlife's needs with our needs for recreation, will continue to be a challenge, but an important one to pursue. I am an advocate for affordable housing. Our young family has lived in almost all forms of housing available in the Bow Valley, from a basement suite to perpetually affordable housing, and worked our way up the ladder to a beautiful home in Dead Man's Flats. Our trajectory has given me a front row seat on one the biggest issues facing Bow Valley residents today and as a resident of the MD of Bighorn I am very aware that the solutions are not the same for us as they have been for other communities.

As a candidate, the issues that are important to me are what is important to the constituents of my Ward. It is my opinion that an elected officials job is to convey the needs and views of the constituency, and put them together in a single coherent message to administration.

The greatest issue when it comes to planning for our future is keeping our homes filled with people that actually live in them. A challenge of this magnitude requires community visioning and that can only occur when the community is engaged. There is no off the shelf solution because of the uniqueness of the communities in the MD of Bighorn. One of my initiatives as a Councillor is to start this process.


Facebook: Lisa Rosvold for Council - MD of Bighorn


Phone: 403-678-7063

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