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MD of Bighorn conducting salary review of employees

The employees of the MD of Bighorn may see their salaries go up as council approved a new salary review, the first since 2018, to keep salaries competitive.
MD of Bighorn office 2

MD OF BIGHORN – For the 25 full-time employees and one part-time employees of the Municipal District of Bighorn, there could be a pay bump on the horizon.

A salary review is going to be conducted to ensure salaries remain competitive for MD employees. The last salary review was conducted in 2017, with approval given by council in February 2018.

“The committee and council at the time recognized that salaries had to be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure equitable and fair compensation of staff,” said Shaina Tutt, the director of finance for the MD.

The objective of the salary review is to ensure existing staff are properly compensated, to retain the MD’s employee base, provide internal equity among staff, and to ensure the MD is competitive with other municipalities. All existing staff positions are evaluated against similar positions in other municipalities.

Reeve Lisa Rosvold asked administration if the new terms of reference for salaries were comparable to what it was in 2017, with the answer being the affirmative.

Council approved the review unanimously, with the cost of the review already approved in the five-year capital plan for the MD.