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Paul Ryan

MD of Bighorn Ward 1 councillor by acclamation
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan


25 years as a contractor in the Bow Valley

As resident of Exshaw, I have been involved in many community affairs and activities, including the Exshaw Community Association, the Exshaw Community Environment Committee and Treasurer of the Calgary Region Airshed Zone. As a Councillor, I have served on the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board and as Chairman of the Municipal District Bighorn Historic Resource Committee and has served a one-year term as Reeve. Currently I serve the Municipal District of Bighorn on the Municipal Excellence Committee, the Assessment Appeal Board, The Bighorn Corridor Environment Committee, Director Bow Valley Waste Management Commission, and Vice-Chairman Southern Alberta Energy from Waste Alliance.

20 years

I am very proud of the work that we have done to make and keep Exshaw and all of Ward 1 affordable for our residents and a welcoming place for young working-class families. The next few years will be very challenging as we try to finish off flood resilience around Exshaw, deal with industrial expansion and recreational/social needs for all the young families moving here. I think our past success and future ones depend heavily on the wisdom and experience that all MD Councillors bring to the table. I look forward to the challenges representing our great community and preserving our way of life as we navigate the next four years.

I bring 15 years of experience as a Councillor

Flood resilience around Exshaw, industrial expansion and recreational/social needs.

Getting meetings with the provincial government ministers. Impact of industrial growth.

Contact me at 403-609-7465

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