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Evelyn Otte-Mathies  


It is with deep sorrow that we share the passing of Evelyn Otte-Mathies.

Evelyn moved to Alberta, from Ontario, in 1990 to pursue her professional career. She fell in love with the mountains, embraced nature, and joined various clubs where she shared her enthusiasm for the outdoors, the fresh air and all the flora and fauna along the way.

A true morning person, no trip time to the mountains was ever too early for Evelyn.  Starting each day before the sunrise (4:30am) to allow for yoga and meditation before the start of her day.

Evelyn evolved through the skills required for hiking, scrambling, rock and ice climbing by attending various mountain skill and safety courses.  Each course allowed Evelyn to do more difficult and challenging trips.

She was proud to have ascended multiple mountain tops throughout the Rocky Mountains.  This list of mountain tops was truly impressive.

She also picked up the fun sport of paddle boarding to enjoy water based activities on really hot summer days.

Evelyn was an explorer, a traveler and just someone who enjoyed what the world was all about.  She enjoyed not only the beauty of her own back yard, but trips to USA, Italy and Mexico – all a fun part of who she was.

She enjoyed the true taste of food.  She was a staple at the farmers markets as well as growing her own organic food for her families table.  Enjoying all different kind of herbs and teas that the earth gave her for her cooking and drinking pleasure.

She enjoyed having a bird in the family, as the bird and Evelyn would tease each other, which then led to all kinds of fun interactions with her feathered friend (Wilson).

Evelyn had a lifelong pursuit, and love, of education.  Almost becoming a professional student.  The accomplishments that she achieved were:  MBA, CPA, CGA, CISA and PMP. Evelyn worked for the City of Calgary as the “Audit Manager IT” (a position she helped create for the City).

Survived by husband, lover and friend Allan Mathies.  Sister Beate (Peter Willwerth), niece Andrea (Matt, great niece Lilly), niece Laura (Shane Green, great nephew Landon).  Brother Ron Otte (Rhonda), nieces and nephews Travis, Hayley, Rebecca and Kyle.

The Canmore General Hospital really came through for Evelyn in her time of need while fighting pancreatic cancer.  The doctors and the nurses helped Evelyn cope and be as comfortable as she       could be.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to any of the following:  The Canadian Red Cross Society, Canadian Wildlife Federation, United Way or a charity of your own choosing.



Evelyn gifted all of us with this poem that she wrote in her final days.


   Last Days  - by Ev

   I will miss:

the breeze and wind

whether warm or cold

on my face

Sunrises + Sunsets

over the mountains

                                                            the shadows the sun casts

                                                                   on the mountains

Waterfalls; the smell of

clean mtn air; birds + bees

Climbing, scrambling on Rock and Ice

Snowlines & frozen blue waterfalls

The love from friends + family

and their warm faces

and smiles


So love one another.

Be kind to yourself and others

You don’t know how fast

your life can change