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Oswald Mathäus Treutler


Ossi original

Oswald Mathäus Treutler

1933 - 2021


Thursday, September 2, 2021, was a very sad day, as we said, “Farewell and safe travels on your next adventure,” to Oswald Mathäus Treutler, better known as Ossi Sr., Husband to Freya, Papa to Toni (Darlene) and Ossi Jr (Anne), Opa to Cleo, Ella, Ava, Erika, Stephanie and Ossi JrJr. and uncle to nieces and nephews around the world.

Ossi Sr. died at the age of 88, peacefully in his home and with the support of his family, while holding the hands of Toni and Ossi Jr., and Freya kissing him.

He was born in Althofen, in the province of Carinthia in Austria on May 15th, 1933. Ossi Sr. apprenticed in Gastronomy in Austria, and briefly worked in both Switzerland and Germany. Later, as a steward for Holland America, he succeeded in crossing the Atlantic Ocean a total of six times. After his time on the water, Ossi Sr. turned towards land and became a part of the opening team for Istanbul Hilton in Turkey along with three of his friends. With the luck of the draw, Ossi Sr. was elected by his friends to immigrate to Canada with only a $50 loan from his friends. Upon his arrival in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Pier 21, Ossi Sr. quickly emigrated to Quebec City in 1956, where he landed a job as a junior butler for the Governor of Quebec. While working in this position, he earned his degree in hospitality through correspondence. His experience, education, and personal skills proved immensely valuable when he gained a managerial position in Goose Bay, Labrador in 1959.

In 1962, while travelling to Seattle, Washington for the World’s Fair, Ossi Sr. passed through Banff, Alberta. His brief time in our little paradise sparked a lifetime love of the region, as it reminded him of his own hometown in Austria and the mountain ranges within which he grew up. As a result of this love and his desire to return to Banff, in 1963 Ossi Sr. bought the Paris Tea Room through post, which later came to be known as The Paris Restaurant. Ossi Sr.’s decision to purchase The Paris Restaurant further impacted his life, as in 1965 he met the love of his life, Freya, when she applied for a waitressing position while travelling through Canada. On August 23rd of that same year, the pair went out on their first date, and were married on October 28th, 1966, which was the commencement of a lifetime of love together.

Ossi Sr. and his family were incredibly lucky to have the wonderful aid of the many caregivers that came to offer their support, and we feel that words cannot express our gratitude to you all. We would like to especially thank Dr. Fowke and her team at the Alpine Medical Clinic, with a special nod to Dana. We would also like to thank Gourlay’s Pharmacy, and the local Home Care team for all you have done for our family.

Thank you for all your wonderful messages, condolences, and flower arrangements which we have received from near and far during this period.

Our family is doing our utmost to preserve Ossi Sr.’s memory, and for anyone wishing to aid us in our goal, there is a photo and condolence book at Freya’s Jewellery and Currency Exchange in the Clock Tower Village Mall to share sentiments and stories of Ossi Sr. You can alternately leave a message on the funeral home website. These platforms are in lieu of a public farewell service.

Ossi Sr. never forgot the four words that were spoken to him by the immigration officer at Pier 21, Halifax, Nova Scotia, during his immigration processing. Amongst the madness and the bustle of travelers, the officer took the time to look Ossi in the eye and say, “Good luck young man,” which served to encourage him to make a life for himself and gave him a surplus of hope to live a wonderful life in Canada.


“Little words and little gestures are what people remember!”