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COMMENTARY: COVID school year shows the importance of the small things

Last year everyone said we were the lucky ones because we would have a full, COVID-19 free senior year. Think sports tournaments, dances, and yes, even diploma exams. They said we “dodged the bullet,” because while the grads of 2020 would miss out on

EDITORIAL: Greater availability and access to public health data vital in future

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the country have rushed to get accurate public health data. The need to relay information on active cases, outbreaks, recoveries and now vaccination rates has been vital in providing options for decision-making not just by the province, but also for municipalities and their residents.

OPINION: Transformative change needed in care for seniors

A review of facility-based continuing care in the province was recently released, calling for incremental change to a system that requires a fundamental cultural shift in how Albertans provide care for seniors. This month, Engaged Citizen columnist Vamini Selvandandan explores what providing care with dignity, purpose and the opportunity to thrive looks like.

EDITORIAL: Getting vaccinated right thing to do

Can you see the light of normal life at the end of the COVID tunnel, yet? We can. And we are stoked for it, but we are also aware that we are not actually across the finish line yet, so to give up running this marathon would be folly.

EDITORIAL: When it comes to tourism, we need to build it back better

As a region that is economically driven by tourism, the Bow Valley has experienced a tumultuous 15 months during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not the first time our economy has taken a hit due to circumstances beyond our control.

EDITORIAL: Action needed to address residential school legacy

The discovery of 215 children buried in unmarked graves at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School has disturbed and shocked many Canadians.

COMMENTARY: June brings condolences and thanks

COMMENTARY: June swirls the dial on our memory banks. The trick is to stop forgetting, start acknowledging and then find ways to metabolize the pain. With prayers of condolences and thanksgiving.

EDITORIAL: One chapter on TSMV closes in the community, but another opens

There was elation by many in the community after Canmore council denied the application for the Three Sisters Village area structure plan.

EDITORIAL: Culture change is necessary, messy and hard work

Over the past four weeks, the Rocky Mountain Outlook has delved into an investigative journalism series that looked specifically at the post-critical incident review process of the guiding industry in Canada.

OPINION: Federal-provincial co-operation a must in childcare

Federal-provincial cooperation a must in childcare Canada is the weakest investor in early learning and childcare among wealthy countries and, not surprisingly, we rate last in meeting early childhood development objectives.