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EDITORIAL: Alberta government needs to step up to manage visitation

Alberta Transportation should consider immediately posting no-parking signs along Highway 1A next to popular day use and trailhead sites. There should also be enforcement of this regulation before someone gets hurt.  

OPINION: Public policy determines health and well-being

Creating healthy public policy is at heart a non-partisan activity, based on evidence, a sense of fairness and a long-term view. 

EDITORIAL: Mandatory face coverings for high traffic tourist destinations needed

To mask, or not to mask? Local elected officials should be asking whether or not making face coverings mandatory in our communities is an extra safety measure this valley needs.

OPINION: Connecting phases and faces

The correlation between positive social connection and an individual's health and well-being is essential to productivity and engagement. Personal experience confirms that "the connected condition" is an antidote to a stubborn case of the blues. 

OPINION: Indigenous people have long sought to bring attention to racism in Canada

As an Indigenous person I deal with racism at the hands of different races in Cochrane. I am followed by security guards and secret shoppers of all races as I shop. I am not afforded the right to shop in dignity. It is something I am accustomed to as an Indigenous person. To react is to appear suspicious so you soldier on.

EDITORIAL: Reconciliation starts with listening to those who have been harmed

What is reconciliation?
Editorial Cartoon – June 25, 2020

Editorial Cartoon – June 25, 2020

EDITORIAL: True north, strong and free this Canada Day

We are living through history and as this year's Canada Day fast approaches, it presents an excellent oppportunity to pause and take stock of what it means to be Canadian.

OPINION: A new vision for our towns and cities – what has the COVID-19 pandemic taught us?

In the Bow Valley we don’t have the cachet of urban centres like Toronto, Paris and New York.  But we can learn from them and we too can seize the window of opportunity in the post-pandemic recovery period to create a new vision and re-invent our communities. 

EDITORIAL: Parks Canada must take immediate action to protect rare grizzly bear

Dedicated resources, patrols, clear and appropriate restrictions on human behaviour and enforcement, with significant fines for breaching these rules, are needed.