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Good move on ALS retention

With a lot of doubt, suspicion and angst out there in regard to Alberta Health Services’ takeover of ambulances in the province, Canmore council made a good call in retaining the capability of firefighters to provide an advanced life support capable

Co-operation a good trend for valley

It seems there’s a growing trend here in the Bow Valley – and at the Rocky Mountain Outlook, we’re all for it.

Be thankful for municipal politicians

Next time you look at your pay stub or bank records, take a look at your bottom earning dollar, then imagine how nice it would be to add $1,000 a month to that figure – but not have to do anything to earn it.

A tip of the hat to eastern neighbours

Talk about stepping up to help out. We at RMO feel a valleywide tip of the hat is due to the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) Charitable Foundation for its $25,000 donation to the Banff YWCA’s women’s shelter program (page 18).

A slice of the Bow Valley life

Living here in the Bow Valley, one needs only to allow a gaze to linger on some of the most majestic scenery in Canada to again appreciate life in the mountains.

Department changes not straightforward

So, there is now much hubbub over changes about to take place for Canmore’s fire department.

Good moves on waste front

At last, quality progess on the garbage, recycling, waste front… For Canmore residents living near the current recycling facility on Boulder Crescent and who loudly complained about the possibility of expansion, the idea of moving recycling and stora

Sign of troubling times

It is a sad day for Canada’s national parks and all that they stand for.

Gold a testament to heart, desire

Wow. Once again, valley skiers have done this area proud.

A brand new home for bison to roam?

We’re not sure the announcement that a public information process in regard to the reintroduction of bison in Banff National Park will take place really required the presence of the minister in charge of Parks, but at least things are moving forward.