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Council pay raises in Banff long overdue

Finally, Banff’s mayor and councillors are in line for a well deserved future pay increase. Here at the Outlook, we’ve favoured such an increase, particularly for the mayor’s position, since the issue was raised some time ago.

Patience, questions after the flooding

Well, Mother Nature won that one. Anyone who doubts the power of our natural environment should have no illusions after the flood event the Bow Valley recently endured.

Bow Valley bounces back

It isn’t the situation that defines us; it’s our reactions that make a mark in the history books.

TSMV change a positive move

The news this week that PricewaterhouseCoopers is abandoning the process to establish an area structure plan for Three Sisters Mountain Village definitely creates more uncertainty around that land, which has languished over the past several years aft

Good move in slashing AHS board

A couple of weeks ago, we pondered whose hand was on the tiller when it came to health services in this province.

Wildlife trolling a dangerous activity

Question: Who gets behind the wheel, spends hours and hours on the road, sometimes from dawn to dusk, with stops every now and then to try and accomplish some work before moving on, while burning fuel as emissions drift over the landscape? Elsewhere

Again, priorities...

It was pretty tempting to fill this space with a rant, much like last week’s editorial, on how priorities seem out of whack when it comes to the spending of provincial bucks.

What are the priorities here?

We had to laugh, here in the RMO office… But not in a good way. Not in a “that’s hilarious” way, with a deep belly laugh and loud guffaws. More in the sense of a laugh because it’s just too ridiculous.

Help us keep our wildlife wild

For visitors embracing everything we have here in the Bow Valley this long weekend, and our own citizens as well, let’s get the busy summer season started off on the right foot, wildlife-wise. By wildlife-wise, we actually mean wise.

Hospital cuts will be painful

What’s wrong with this picture? On the one hand, our provincial government feels it necessary to shell out $350,000 of our tax dollars to mail out a glossy, full-colour brochure to 1.2 million Albertans to explain austerity budget measures.