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Wolf bounties bad management

Hopefully, we at the Outlook aren’t the only ones out there disturbed by our story on wolf bounties (page 4).

Sunny days, sunny happenings in Banff

Along with brighter weather appearing in the Valley comes news of a pair of bright happenings in Banff.

The price of parking

Too bad the Western world is so set on getting places by vehicular conveyance. Cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and RVs seem to be so much a necessity of life, and are for most people, yet they do cause us all problems.

Cougars, corridors and impact statements

Another cougar sighting in Canmore again raises the issue of wildlife corridors and whether fencing an area to reduce human wildlife interaction makes any sense. Clearly, in Canmore’s Eagle Terrace area, a cougar has found conditions to its liking.

Hotels not the only local business tourism benefits

Just so we have this straight in our minds… When it comes to tourism in Canmore, only accommodation providers see the benefit of tens of thousands of visitors arriving in town? We doubt it.

Finally, chain store decision is made

Banff council is to be commended this week for finally, definitively, making a decision as to future encroachment of chain stores into the mountain town’s economy and social fabric.

What does the budget hold?

Today is provincial budget day, the day we see where the Province’s reliance on the vagaries of oil pricing has placed us.

Big decisions coming up

Where are some big decisions coming up here in our Bow Valley, especially in Banff.

What price for new projects?

It’s about the dollars. Judging by letters being received here at RMO, not too many people are looking forward to the opening of Elevation Place.

Co-operation a good sign locally

Here at the Outlook, a community newspaper that embraces hamlets and towns from the MD of Bighorn west to Lake Louise, it’s always been believed that the region’s strength lies in the strength of the communities within it.