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Education cuts a nasty surprise

Increased class sizes, decreased janitorial services, new bus fees and 16 fewer teachers in our schools are a sudden reality in the Bow Valley. The Canadian Rockies Public School board finds itself in a difficult situation to say the least.

Bad week for bad dog owners

Again this week, a couple or several people have switched ranks from being pet owners to pest owners in the Bow Valley.

Get out there and vote on May 2

Whether or not you’re looking forward to yet another federal election, we do urge Valley voters to put some thought into who would be their candidate of choice – and then get out there and vote.

It's critter time in the Valley

If the last couple of weeks are any indication, it’s time to put our first wildlife warning of the year out there.

The people have spoken...

Often in this space, we have commented on how clarity and public consultation in relation to official goings-on has many benefits.

Kudos to Banff Park Lodge, Rotary

Talk about stepping up to the plate. While it’s not often this space is dedicated to congratulations, we feel Banff Park Lodge’s stellar effort in anteing up $100,000 for earthquake and tsunami assistance in Japan warrants some positive ink.

Canucks heading back to the polls

And so it begins… Just a short time ago, members of federal political parties could at times be heard preaching the benefits of fiscally responsible spending.

Land use a weighty issue in our Valley

Bow Valley municipalities are looking at making changes, possibly sweeping changes, to their land use bylaws Unfortunately, in Banff’s case, the Town’s planning team has been muzzled in respect to parting with their expertise.

YWCA shelter deserves support

This past week has been a very interesting one for Banff decision makers.

Hosting games well worth a look

H ave you seen the video of Canadians Alex Harvey and Devon Kershaw winning this country’s first ever cross-country skiing world cup sprint gold medal? Stirring stuff indeed. The title world champion has such a nice ring to it.