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Maniacs on our roads

So once again we see that one of the outstanding features of a long weekend in the Bow Valley, at least for quite a number of maniacs out there, is the need for speed – the compulsion to get out there and put pedal to the metal.

Feeding wildlife leads to no good

It’s not often we dedicate editorial space to the same issue in back to back weeks… But, again with the wildlife feeding? Last week, RMO had stories about a wolf being killed due to the fact it had lost its fear of people after being conditioned to a

Feeding animals causes death

When visiting or roaming around the Bow Valley don’t you just love it when occasionally you catch a whiff from a local restaurant that is so tantalizing, so tempting, so mouth watering that you simply can’t pass it by? As a light breeze wafts over yo

Bad move on quota decision

Banff council, in our opinion, has done a disservice to its residents and businesses by failing to have a formal public discussion at this time on the idea of a quota system or cap for chain restaurants and stores.

Highway antics dangerous to all

A maniac, as generally described in dictionaries these days, might be considered as someone who is generally overzealous or inordinately enthusiastic about something. Taken further, a maniac might be described as a raving or violently insane person.

Authorities too quick to relocate

It seems that any time a bear gets close to Canmore – whoosh, it’s gone again. Wildlife officials this week trapped and relocated grizzly bear No. 105 and her three cubs, but they are not the first relocations so far this year.

Races damaged wet trails

Editor, This letter is to state my disapproval of the Canmore Nordic Centre’s decision to run not one, but two different races at their facility this past weekend.

Rock the vote

OK Canmore, we know municipal byelections are probably the least sexy political race, but it is time again to get out and vote.

Canmore cell tower holdup a good call

Not too many years ago, mobile phones that were available to the public were large, bulky units generally permanently installed in commercial vehicles to help the work world keep in touch.

Dog park long overdue

So, to all outward appearances, it looks like Banff will soon have an off-leash dog park. Setting aside a small parcel of land as an area where dogs can run free occasionally, without the contraints of a leash, is no big deal – in other communities.