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The best of RMO editorial cartoons from 2020

The best of RMO editorial cartoons from 2020

A selection of editorial cartoonist Patrick LaMontagne's most memorable cartoons from 2020
Editorial Cartoon, Dec. 31, 2020

Editorial Cartoon, Dec. 31, 2020

EDITORIAL: Compassion and understanding key to overcoming COVID

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that taking the time to practise compassion and understand the issues that face us individually and as a society are the best ways we have to overcome what is happening.
Editorial Cartoon, Dec. 24, 2020

Editorial Cartoon, Dec. 24, 2020

EDITORIAL: The Outlook's Christmas 2020 wish list

Dear Santa: this year we would like to share with you our top 10 future wish list for the future of the communities we call home here in the Bow Valley.

EDITORIAL: After this is all over, will we regret how we acted during this crisis?

We are living history right now. The COVID-19 pandemic and everything that has come with it has been so unprecedented, that the word "unprecedented" has begun to lose all meaning.

OPINION: COVID-19 vaccine brings hope for the new year

For some of us, getting the COVID-19 vaccine will be the best Christmas present we receive this year. For the rest, the gift is the promise the vaccine brings for better things to come in the new year.

EDITORIAL: Affordable and available child care a welcome support for economic recovery

We may still be in the middle of a major health care crisis in Alberta, but that does not mean we should not be casting our gaze into the future of our economic recovery.

EDITORIAL: Alberta Health failing to inform valley residents about COVID numbers

According to Alberta Health spokespeople, there are no and have never been any COVID-19 outbreaks in Banff or Lake Louise.

OPINION: Insults and pepper – a coping exercise

One of my responses to COVID-19 has been to assemble small groups of people for a series of gratitude conversations. The simple daily assignment is to write five reasons to feel grateful, for a total of 28 days.