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EDITORIAL: Springtime in the Bow Valley means preparing for different risks

Spring is in the air in the Canadian Rockies. The crocuses are beginning to bloom and bears are out of their dens, marking this important seasonal transition for our flora and fauna.
Editorial Cartoon, May 13, 2021

Editorial Cartoon, May 13, 2021

EDITORIAL: Too little too late, or it's about time?

Albertans like to be the best, but earning the moniker of the COVID-19 hotspot in North America with the highest number of per capita cases is not an award we will be putting up on the mantle anytime soon.

OPINION: Paying attention to thoughts, words, actions

A year ago, I offered a Gratitude Goes Live online series via Zoom. The goal was to connect people to each other and find reasons to be grateful, even when COVID was separating us from our usual routines.
Editorial Cartoon, April 29, 2021

Editorial Cartoon, April 29, 2021

EDITORIAL: Kananaskis Conservation Pass a mixed bag for Albertans

We have, in the past, called on the provincial government to look at a fee system for Kananaskis Country to help pay for the desperately needed services.
Editorial Cartoon, April 22, 2021

Editorial Cartoon, April 22, 2021

EDITORIAL: When tourism is your economy, it is hard to tell people not to travel

The Bow Valley generates billions of dollars a year in economic activity from tourism.

OPINION: Taxes are wise and necessary investments

As engaged citizens, we need to advocate for a combination of fair taxation policies and effective, accountable and responsible governance. This will ensure that our investments will provide dividends now and for years to come.

EDITORIAL: Eastern Slopes Protection Act worthy of support

Former premier Ralph Klein used to have a saying about governing that a political leader should see which way the parade is headed and jump in front of it if they want to be successful.