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COLUMN: Internet giants should pay their share

COLUMN: Internet giants should pay their share

Editorial: Our future success depends on what we do now

Our daily lives are filled with choices. Choices that seem mundane and simple – even trivial – and it would be easy to think these kinds of decisions we make have very little influence or effect in the world around us.

Commentary: Dreaming of returning to our parks

The upcoming Banff National Park management plan should define an approach to manage growing visitation through an overarching strategy that creates a variety of authentic visitor experiences that encourage people to enjoy our park without negatively impacting its ecological functionality. 
Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

This week's editorial cartoon by Patrick LaMontagne

Letter: Local businesses challenged to take the lead on climate change post-COVID-19

Editor: Last week the Rocky Mountain Outlook ran a story about the carbon cost of tourism and travel.

Letter: A close call on thin ice

Editor: On Monday (April 13) at approximately 12:30 p.m., my wife and I were skiing on the proposed golf course lands that lie west of Three Sisters Creek.

Letter: Government response to COVID-19 goes too far

Editor: The following is a letter sent to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Dear Mr. Kenny: Thank you for taking the time to read my correspondence. My wife and I feel compelled to communicate our concerns.

Commentary: Confidence during the COVID-19 public health crisis

In times of crisis, we reap the benefits of the society we have built around us. This is why knowing that I live in Canada lets me sleep better at night.

Editorial: What is essential during this time depends on priorities

It is interesting to see how people have different definitions of what should be considered an essential service during the global COVID-19 public health crisis.

Editorial: Every job lost is devastating

As we start to get an idea of the drastic job losses in various industries as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic response, there is something we would like to tell Premier Jason Kenney.