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EDITORIAL: The worst of COVID-19 in our communities is yet to come

As a province, there are no pathways into the future with COVID-19 that won't damage the economy and result in the suffering of Albertans economically.

EDITORIAL: Transparency is more than just a word, it requires action too

Tansparency and accountability are values that almost every single government or non-government organization claims to live by. They are nice buzzwords, and convey desire to open and honest with the public.

OPINION: Privatizing health care is no panacea

Private health care does not encourage quality care. The primary obligation of for-profit businesses is to maximize profits for their shareholders.

EDITORIAL: Proactive disclosure about COVID-19 cases is needed from all sectors

If we as a community or a society are going to point fingers, or blame and shame people or businesses that report there has been a COVID positive case, we are going down the wrong path

EDITORIAL: Kenney, Hinshaw not doing enough to address COVID-19

Leadership isn't about doing what is popular, it is about doing what is right.
Editorial Cartoon, Oct. 5, 2020

Editorial Cartoon, Oct. 5, 2020

OPINION: Cancelling National Philanthropy Day party – not the spirit

Nov. 15 is National Philanthropy Day – how will you feed your philanthropic spirit this year?

EDITORIAL: It is time to talk about renaming Mount Pétain

What's in a name? Would a mountain peak and ridge named after a French Nazi sympathizer still provide as sweet a hike in the Kananaskis backcountry? That is the question we would like to put to Bow Valley residents and Albertans.

EDITORIAL: Calm and collective action needed on COVID-19

Cases of COVID-19 in Alberta are on the rise and we should all be concerned with what that means.

EDITORIAL: Feds, province failing at highway safety

Negligence is defined as a failure to take proper care to do something. Both the Alberta government and Parks Canada find themselves squarely within the landscape of being at risk of a fatal crash occurring in their jurisdiction as a result of their inaction on an issue that has been well-known for some time.