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EDITORIAL: Parking woes may never go away

Popularity is a double edged sword, especially when success as a tourism-based economy depends on people coming to our valley.
Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

After 40 years, some things never change

The mines may have closed 40 years ago, but the hearts and welcoming embrace of what Canmore was and has always been, remains as strong as ever. Canmore’s strength is its people and that will never change.

Building community takes courage, not outrage

It seems like these days instead of debating an issue or idea, some are instead focused on attacking the character and motives of those who are the forefront of trying to create a better community for everyone. Ad hominem ad nauseum if you will.

The world needs Canada now more than ever

The world is an increasingly stressful and overwhelming place these days. While social media claims to be bringing us closer toghether, it is also creating deep divides within our communities and across the entire planet.

Comprehensive approach to housing needed

The future economic success of our entire valley is contingent upon what happens to address our current shortage of affordable housing. Each year, it gets worse.

Courthouse addition unwanted and unnecessary

If like us, you’ve noticed the giant eyesore that was recently stuck onto the side of the Canmore Provincial Courthouse, you’ve also had the same reaction of confusion and disbelief.

Where there's smoke, there's fire

As the dense orange apocalyptic haze lay heavy on northern Alberta last week, someone on Premier Jason Kenney’s team must have realized the photo opportunity scheduled for him to celebrate the repeal of the carbon tax at a local gas station would con

Silly season is upon us once again

Post May long weekend and it is that clear, silly season has officially begun.