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Transit system welcome

If the valley’s cold snap does nothing else, the frigid weather at least helps illustrate how valuable a regional transit system will be once it’s in place.

Joining forces good opportunity

It’s good to see Tourism Canmore Kananaskis and the Canmore Economic Development Authority have joined forces. Being that the two group’s efforts are inextricably linked due to Canmore’s dependence on tourism, it seems a natural fit.

Dollars already a 2012 news item

We’re barely a week into 2012 and dollars are again top news in the Bow Valley. Dollars are always a hot topic, particularly when they pertain to how many taxpayers will be shelling out.

All the best in the new year

Each year at this time, the Outlook looks at the year past to share, one last time, the year that is about to end.

A merry Christmas to one and all out there

As Christmas Day nears, we’d like to thank everyone who threw their support and efforts into many charitable events during the past couple of weeks.

Council pay raise in line

So, Banff’s town council members have entered into the seasonal Christmas spirit by giving themselves a raise.

Wall process a convoluted one

What a convoluted process inclusion of a climbing wall in Canmore’s multi-million dollar Multiplex has become.

Finally, the caribou issue is addressed

How appropriate that at the time of year when reindeer are all the rage everywhere you look, their North American counterparts are the focus of a long, long, long overdue breeding program.

Chain store issue returns

Apparently, the old saying ‘what goes around, comes around’ has real validity when it comes to the issue of chain stores in Banff.

Thanks for the efforts, Friends

We’d like to tip our hats to Friends of Banff for stellar work over the past two decades.