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Please honour our veterans

On Friday, when the clock strikes the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of the new century, we encourage valley residents to be on hand, silent, in tribute to our veterans.

Start the fire, it's branding season

Branding – apparently it’s not just smokin’ hot iron on critter hide anymore. In decades past, a brand might have been a Bar K (–K), maybe a Lazy S (S ) or something even more deluxe, letter and symbol-wise.

Declining student numbers a bad sign

On the upside, the province has come through in handing some money back to Alberta school boards. On the downside, even an influx of $420,000 isn’t helping the Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS) find its way back into the black.

Helicopter letters fraudulent farce

Congratulations to somebody out there… Yup, you got us. You sent us fraudulent letters to the editor which made it onto the pages of RMO.

Citizen's voices heard in valley

For those in our valley who believe offering structured input and embracing the opportunity to have their voice heard publicly is important, this has been a good week.

Political winds are swirling

I t’s certainly been a week of political change in these parts; both positive and negative. Political decisions have been made, discarded, changed, altered.

OK with heli noise

Editor: To Mayor Ron Casey and council.

Bears are back in the news

Bears, everywhere, beware, look out, look out. Bears, they don’t care who they scare, you better beware. The above lyrics from The Fastest Group Alive’s “The Bears” in 1966 could be a theme song for our valley at the moment.

Who are the real keepers of the town's vision?

We here at RMO share the concern of some on Canmore council with respect to the municipality’s Vision Keepers Group (see story on page 32).

Education in the Bow Valley

This past week was a good one as far as education in our valley goes. Not so much education as in our schools, but education in regard to both saving bears and the workings of municipal government.