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Time to learn from past mistakes

Nobody is perfect; this can be universally acknowledged as a fair and accurate assessment when it comes to the human condition. The same can be said for the systems and organizations we create to manage ourselves as humans in this world.

New government, same issues for the valley

As a brand new cabinet and government takes office this week in Edmonton, and Premier Jason Kenney along with his United Conservative Party prepare to get to work, we thought we would give the new ministers a primer on what they should be focused on

Tragedy offers opportunity to reflect on backcountry safety

After four highly experienced mountaineers were killed by avalanches last week, it may be time to ask the question – how many more people have to be killed by an avalanche before something changes? Each one of those four lives meant something to some

Alberta votes to support UCP government vision

It was American investigative journalist and author I.F. Stone who famously remarked that: “All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out.

Lessons on inclusion aren't always easy

All right Bow Valley friends and neighbours, school’s in session and it is time for an important lesson in how we approach discussions around inclusiveness in our community.

GSAs are safe places for a reason

It can be hard for many people, who come from places of privilege and have only known what it is like to be part of the status quo, to understand just how dangerous it is to have a marginalized existence.

Dear Alberta: an open letter from the Bow Valley

The 2019 provincial election campaign has all Albertans caught up in the dual spin cycle of political ideologies pitted against each other in an all out brawl to see who will end up on top – Rachel Notley and the NDP or Jason Kenney and the UCP.

Ready, set, to the polls we go!

We all knew it was coming.

Time for highway wildlife mitigation near Canmore

Wildlife mitigations are needed on the Trans-Canada Highway between the east park gates to Banff National Park and Lac des Arcs and they are needed now.

Who holds CP Rail accountable?

Another week, another CP Rail incident in the Rocky Mountain national parks and it has a lot of people feeling extremely uncomfortable with the safety record for freight train transportation in western Canada.