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Badass bear no 'serial killer'

Badass bear no 'serial killer'

He’s got a reputation as a big, badass bear – but he’s just doing what he’s meant to do.

C-122 battle continues

Many residents are fighting the Town of Banff’s move to make a controversial parking policy designed to encourage development of more housing the law, while others argue the municipality must make housing Banff’s top priority.

Banff bear activity prompts warning

All areas surrounding the busy Banff townsite are either under closure or warning because of intense grizzly bear activity.

Be bear aware in Banff

The first grizzly bear is out of its den in Banff, prompting national park wildlife experts to warn residents and visitors it’s the time of year to be bear aware.
Bear 144 euthanized near Sundre

Bear 144 euthanized near Sundre

One of Banff National Park’s former research grizzly bears has been euthanized after killing sheep and llamas near Sundre.

First bear out of den spotted

The bears are out in Banff. The first reported grizzly bear out of its den this year was seen near the railway line at Massive Siding east of the Hillsdale split along the Bow Valley Parkway on Sunday (March 16).

C-122 does not work

Editor: I have lived and worked in Banff National Park for the past 36 years. My wife and I reside across the street from the proposed 431/433 affordable housing site. In our 15-unit complex there are 15 parking stalls.
Big Boss bear spotted in Banff

Big Boss bear spotted in Banff

Bears are coming out of the dens in Banff. Parks Canada confirmed the first sighting of a grizzly bear on Saturday (March 24) along the Bow Valley Parkway by Backswamp.
Grizzly bear spotted near Johnston Canyon

Grizzly bear spotted near Johnston Canyon

BANFF – It might be December, but that doesn’t mean much for male grizzly bears who are still out and about in Banff National Park. On Tuesday (Dec. 4), several hikers spotted a grizzly bear around 11:15 a.m. close to the Johnston Canyon waterfalls.

Bear 64 collared for GPS data

Parks Canada is calling on residents and visitors to give a famous female grizzly bear plenty of space as she tries to carve out a living for herself and her three yearling cubs around the busy Banff townsite.