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Lesson learned with bear

Editor: Re: ‘Tourists bluff charged by bear’ (Aug. 2) RMO . I‘m the guy who actually had this bear encounter and it made me sound like one of those stubborn tourists who don’t follow recommendations and are not aware of nature and its wildlife.

Disgusted by bear death

Editor: Reading your article in the Oct. 06 issue leaves me with a feeling of sadness and disgust. Again, another wild and magnificent animal has been destroyed because of careless human intrusion.

Bear cubs circuitous journey

What a long, strange trip it’s been for three black bear cubs orphaned in Banff National Park.

Bear awoken from hibernation

It’s not something skiers expect to stumble across while ski touring in the backcountry of Banff National Park at this frigid time of year – a hibernating black bear huddled beneath a tree.

Bear killed on tracks

A female black bear has been struck and killed by a freight train in Banff National Park, leaving behind an orphaned cub to find a way to survive on its own.

Bear 148 – wrong focus

Editor: Rather than darting bear 148, boxing her up, relocating her and putting her life at risk, why not switch the focus more acutely to those who created this dire situation to begin with? Maybe we should consider darting those who ignore the bear
Parks caution bear photographers

Parks caution bear photographers

Banff National Park officials are warning people they are prepared to lay charges against anyone caught harassing a high-profile female bear and her three cubs.

Bounty or bear attractant?

Walking through a neighbourhood where one spots a tree in full fall splendour, with leaves turning colour and ripening fruit, sun kissed and juicy, hanging plentifully from its branches, a person may be humbly struck by the bounty of Mother Nature in

Black bear shot in Canmore

A chance to move a habituated bear from Canmore ended tragically after Fish and Wildlife and RCMP members shot and killed a large black bear on the Policeman’s Creek trail on Sunday (May 20).

Highway bear deaths avoidable

Editor: Another long weekend has come and gone and most of us who used Alberta’s highways arrived safe and sound at home.