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NWR Painting: Transforming Spaces

NWR Painting provides residential and commercial service in Canmore, Banff, and the Bow Valley. Services include interior and exterior painting, wood finishing, kitchen surfaces and cabinetry, wallpaper and commercial vinyl, and Venetian plaster.

For Nick Rochacewich, Owner/Operator, the decision to open his business in 1999 was an easy one.

“My dad had a painting business for 48 years,” he explains. “I kind of fell into painting, and I really love it.”

His company has grown steadily over the last two decades, with growth accelerating over the last five years. NWR’s reputation (which includes perfect consumer-driven ratings on both Google and Houzz), along with referrals from happy customers drives this growth.

“We really have a passion for what we do,” says Rochacewich of what makes NWR Painting stand out. The success of the company can also be attributed to:

  • A commitment to environmental safety and responsibly. When doing a renovation, the NWR Painting team aims to rehome client’s hardware, cabinets, appliances, floor coverings, and furniture. These items are offered to homes and businesses looking to upcycle, recycle, and keep unnecessary items out of landfills. While working, NWR Painting also reuses products wherever possible, such as empty cans and plastic drop sheets.
  • Low/no VOC products. NWR Painting gives the health and safety of its team and clients the utmost priority, which is why only low/no VOC paints and wall coverings are used. VOCs, which stands for volatile organic compounds, are typical components in many industrial solvents, paints, and building materials. Unfortunately, these items off gas over time, slowly but steadily releasing VOCs into the air causing harmful indoor air pollution. Paint is a noted source of VOCs; to avoid paint off gassing it must be formulated without the harmful compounds. NWR Painting never compromises on this point and only uses low or no VOC paint, while properly ventilating the area while working to ensure the least possible transfer of any harmful odors or compounds.
  • Variety. NWR is about more than painting. This company is a one-stop-shop for a beautiful room renovation that includes wood finishing (clear coating, antiquing, distressing, etc.) wallpaper or vinyl, and authentic Venetian indoor and outdoor plasters from Italy. Don’t just limit yourself to a paint color change when NWR has a full range of transformative options!
  • Research and development. Rochacewich is not just content to transform spaces. He wants NWR Painting to be on the cutting edge of what’s new and beneficial for home and business owners. His company invests the research and development that makes the painting and renovation industry’s materials safer, more durable and functional.
  • Convenience. NWR clients love the unique dustless system that uses area isolation and ducted fans to keep dust and debris contained. NWR also has a portable paint booth for spray painting. Home and business owners can remain on site thanks to NWR’s non-intrusive, dust free, quiet worksites.

“When we go into a person’s house, we change that space for them and bring them a better quality of life,” Rochacewich says. “A call to NWR Painting for residential or commercial work means you don’t have to worry about a thing. With our passion for what we do, highly skilled team members, high-quality products, and our commitment to your safety and convenience, we guarantee an exceptional experience with us from start to finish.”

He concludes, “We look forward to continuing to push the industry by developing cleaner, more efficient systems, setting the standard for quality work, and being known as one of the best painters in the around.”

Learn more on the NWR Painting website and Instagram.