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After 2013 flood, should there be more development in Exshaw?

Editor: If there is anything that should have been learned from the Flood of 2013 – is where not to build. 

But, apparently not everyone got the memo.
Jura Creek, which lies uphill just east of the Hamlet of Exshaw, has breached twice in the last 15 years. 

In 2005, then again in 2013 with devastating consequences. Water was waist-deep on Pigeon Mountain Drive, the most easterly (and lowest) street in that end of town, with almost no notice. 
And the path of this water? 

It would have come right through where there is now a proposal for residential development. 

It makes no sense. Jura Creek has been “beefed up” since 2013; larger box culverts have been installed under the 1A to allow for better water flow. 

However, Jura has not seen the reinforcements or armouring that Exshaw Creek is now enduring, or what has happened at Cougar Creek. 

When we have another event like 2013, you can guess what will happen.

Even if you were to build structures slab-on-grade in this new development, when Jura Creek breaches next – and it will – the first floor, garage and any vehicles parked in the flood waters path could be destroyed. 

Why take the chance? 

If I had the opportunity to drag my house to higher ground providing more peace of mind, I would. 

But that’s not an option. 

Learn from the past. Don’t build in harms way. You are only asking for trouble.

James Hinton,