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LETTER: Layoffs at the Banff Centre raise questions


It was with shock and disappointment that I opened last week's issue of the RMO to find no coverage of the permanent dismissal of 284 people at the Banff Centre.

As one of the largest employers in this area, this is devastating news for Banff and the ramifications will be felt for a long time. The only mention of the place was a half-page ad promoting online programming, which gives the sense that everything is hunky-dory up at the centre.

It is certainly not, and now Banff is due to lose many people who have deep connections in the community and contributed greatly to the unique character of our area.

Perhaps this should not be a surprise, as the overall lack of public outcry as to how this could happen has been alarming.

From the CEO of the Banff Centre Janice Price, the mayor of Banff, and our local MLA Miranda Rosin, the overall tone has been one of near total silence.

For Rosin, her silence should not be a surprise since her UCP government's cuts to higher education are also a major factor for how the Banff Centre got in this predicament to begin with.

People should not be fooled by press releases and media reports that the Banff Centre's plight is simply due to COVID-19.

That an institution of this size and stature was totally crippled in a matter of months should raise eyebrows and serious questions about its business model and leadership from media such as the RMO. Instead so far, we've had nothing.

People need to ask questions and hold those responsible accountable, and it is the job of the RMO to be part of that conversation.

Matthew Goody,


EDITOR'S NOTE: RMO published a story about the permanent layoffs at the Banff Centre on on June 11.