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Letter: Canmore's Safe Park program flawed

Editor: While a majority of Canmore doesn't want "Vanmore" to be allowed, those who are using the program have issues that it is "not enough.


While many Canmore residents don't want "Vanmore" to be allowed, those who are using the program have issues that it is "not enough." Are you kidding me?

In the article "Safe Park program not enough," you have quoted someone who thinks that he shouldn't be paying because he has no hookups or space to set up, and agrees that at a campground he has a table and some room. 

Well, why don't you go stay at a campground then, and have the room you want? Also, since another of your issues is where 
to go after 9 a.m., you can stay there all day.

Or, you could go to work all day, like the rest of us, who by the way, also have to pay to park in those same lots. If we have to pay to park there to go to work, what makes you think you deserve to have free parking?

If you don't want to live "like a normal adult," instead choosing a lifestyle of living in your car, that's fine. But why should the 
taxpaying community have to pay for your freeloading lifestyle? We provide the toilets, the garbage cans, garbage pickups, snow removal, as well as cleaning the lot after all the leakage from "non-maintained" vehicles.

Aside from that, I have to ask if there will really be any enforcement by the Town's bylaw peace officers. 

Ask people who work downtown, and they will tell you that they regularly see someone out for a "morning leak" beside their car, and ask how comfortable they are now, knowing that this will be a more permanent issue.

Or, the people that roll in after the Civic Centre closes, how do they get a permit? Will anyone check and make them move if they don't have one?

The biggest question, though, is this: if Canmore is allowing this to help out workers for the tourist season because we are so understaffed, why is the required work week only 20 hours? If these people aren't here to work enough to help the town, then they don't really meet a required standard.

Jason Wilkinson,