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Letter: Concerns from Albertans over removing water from K-country creek completely valid

Editor: Seldom does a government have the gall to tell its citizens that they are irrelevant.


The following is a letter sent to the Alberta government in response to the decision to approve the water licence application by Fortress Mountain in Kanananskis Country to remove water from Galatea Creek.

After reading the inane comment by press secretary Jess Sinclair, we are appalled by the sheer arrogance of this government. How dare this government consider that "none of the complaints were ‘valid’" and dismiss them in such a cavalier manner.

Seldom does a government have the gall to tell its citizens that they are irrelevant.

Our concerns are most definitely valid and we cannot understand why the plan to truck million of litres of water to Calgary to bottle and sell has been approved.

It is difficult to write in a respectful manner because it is difficult to respect those who made such a poor decision that will ultimately affect the fragile mountain environment. How will this decision affect the wildlife that depends on water to thrive and survive?

If Fortress required this water for its ski operation that is an entirely different situation, but to grant a permit allowing this business to remove such a vast amount of this most precious resource to bottle and sell is not acceptable. We are entitled to an explanation for the rationale behind this decision. 

It is a well known fact that bottled water has become one of the major environmental concerns, yet this Alberta government's attitude reeks of uncaring when it allows a business this much latitude to plunder such a precious resource regardless of the consequences. How irresponsible.

We await a response to our concerns and an explanation for this decision.

Carol and Peter Tracey,