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LETTER: Money more important than green space for council

Editor: Tale of the great- progressive future for Canmore’s Railway Court – Policeman’s Creek's “green bubble” and pedestrian path.


Tale of the great- progressive future for Canmore’s Railway Court – Policeman’s Creek's “green bubble” and pedestrian path.

Once upon a time there was a small green forest heaven tucked away amidst a sprawling TOWN in the Canadian Rockies.

Then the town's great rulers decided to sell a chunk of their land to a property owner so that he could give us residents a generous gift in the form of his luxury dwellings spilling boldly into our formerly quiet and wooded pedestrian path.

Many automobiles zip now daily across our relocated foot path – displacing the few of us nasty pedestrians still brave enough to use this corridor for commuting in the old fashion way by using our own human power.

Beautiful vehicle sounds are now drowning out the desperate male bird songs in the spring mornings. But who needs bird songs – this is something for unrealistic, romantic, tree-hugger greenies.

We need the sounds of progress, the powerful roaring of exhaust-spewing, idling motor vehicles in our mountain mornings.

Intoxicating, sweetly smelling gasoline engine exhaust fumes, or even better the wafting black clouds of the rotten-egg smelling soot of diesel engines are now tickling our grateful nostrils and fill our lungs – instead of the former boring fresh mountain air.

After all, this is our town's bottom line – every square inch of pay dirt is worth a big fat wad of crisp and shiny dollar bills.

Gian-Duri Giger,