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LETTER: Opposed to developing laneway next to Policeman's Creek

Editor: A unique downtown Canmore bubble of tranquil green space is to be developed.


A unique downtown Canmore bubble of tranquil green space is to be developed.

Bylaw 2020-05 (Railway Court) proposes to close portions of 12th Street and Third Avenue to facilitate the sale of town property to allow the development of three R1 lots.

Walkers, some with small kids and pushing strollers, and bikers will have to share a much narrower multi-use corridor with many motor vehicles. Does this follow the mantra of safety first?

A substantial increase in noise and air pollution levels in a previously quiet downtown location and this in a town having declared a climate emergency and promotes walking and biking.

The loss of a rare downtown green space. The removal of many old growth spruce trees creating a large void and condo owners at 1225 Railway Ave. having to stare at a parking lot jammed with motor vehicles and three new houses wedged into this corner.

The new development site is located in the flood fringe zone, and this with climate change expected to create more severe and more frequent overland flood events.

The very low laying development site is prone to upwelling groundwater flooding.

Environmental damage to be expected by building houses with only a 15 metre setback (instead of the mandated 20 metres) from Policeman's Creek with a very sensitive riparian zone important for the survival of many animals, birds and insects species. Canmore brags about being at the forefront of exemplary environmental stewardship. 

Canmore residents and friends of the few remaining quiet downtown green spaces please speak up against the proposal of this form of development, which is wrong-headed in so many ways.

Short-term financial gain by the Town of Canmore and the developer should not be prioritized over the permanent loss of a tranquil green space beloved by many thousands of Canmore residents and visitors alike.

Gian-Duri Giger,