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LETTER: Photo shows need for increased enforcement of no jumping rules

Editor: I refer to the impressive Jump Fiction photo on the front page of the Aug. 6 edition of the Rocky Mountain Outlook .


I refer to the impressive Jump Fiction photo on the front page of the Aug. 6 edition of the Rocky Mountain Outlook

A very fit-looking, adventurous young person acrobatically catapults himself off the Engine Bridge into the Bow River to “cool off” from the hot weather we have experienced lately. Quite a feat indeed and magnificently captured by the photographer – a fantastic shot.

However, is there any part of the Engine Bridge structure a safe place to jump from, climb or even use as a “book nook” to sit and read?

The fast and swirling water of the Bow River below hides many dangerous undercurrents, large boulders and debris which has been brought down the river during run-off and become trapped beneath the surface. 

Does this sound like a good place to recreate?

As a resident of Canmore for 40 years, I, along with other long-time residents, am aware of the attraction that jumping off the Engine Bridge has held for youth, and continues to do so, regardless of warning signs. 

Many have had their “successful big jump”; others have not been so successful. 

Over the years, the powerful flow of the Bow River has caused serious injury and taken lives in various situations, and its potential danger should not be underestimated by anyone. 

To the Rocky Mountain Outlook, thank you for raising our awareness that this inappropriate activity at the Engine Bridge is still happening, despite the Town of Canmore’s signs posted at each end of the bridge prohibiting “climbing on the bridge, jumping from the bridge and fishing from the bridge.” 

To any who would still ignore the warnings and continue to climb or jump off the bridge, please consider the extremely high risk of doing so. 

Let’s keep our experiences in the outdoors not only safe, but ones that leave us with happy memories. 

Vicky Connoy,