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Letter: Thank you to Canmore General Hospital and Origin staff

Editor: Most of us have heard that cliché and verse of everything in life happening for a reason, season or lifetime.


Most of us have heard that cliché and verse of everything in life happening for a reason, season or lifetime. I have just gone through an extremely difficult time with my aging parents who moved to Origin at Spring Creek in early October 2019. 

My parents had no immediate family in Canmore. After living in the Yukon Territory for 40-plus years, this came as quite an adjustment and surprise, but we were all happy that they would be in a place where more specific care and assistance was provided.  

My Dad, being the strong and independent man he is, was their sole care-giver for a few years until their October move to Canmore.  You see, my Mom is living with dementia and my Dad’s past medical history includes cancer and a prior stroke.

In mid-December, my Dad suffered a fractured femur and was hospitalized. My Mom was immediately put into the memory care wing of Origin.

My husband and I drove down on Christmas Day with the full Christmas meal for them to enjoy together in their suite.

I know they both thoroughly enjoyed being in each other’s company and having dinner in their suite with us.

Unfortunately, and as fate would have it, as I prepared to take my Dad back to Canmore General – he suffered a significant stroke.

He was taken to Calgary for examination by the stroke team and returned at 4 a.m. on Boxing Day. I returned to Origin late on Christmas Day completely worn out and wondering about next steps?

However, through this dreadful experience, I have had the good fortune and blessing to meet the some very extraordinary people at Origin and Canmore hospital who came into my life for a reason.

They were there to provide guidance and support through a very challenging time. 

Through much scenario planning and coordination, it was decided that it would be best for them to return to their home in Whitehorse, Yukon.

My reason for writing this letter is to express my absolute gratitude for the staff at Origin and Canmore General Hospital. 

I would not have been able to make it through this aging-parents perfect storm without the help of these very special people. Their care, compassion, understanding, support and reassurance goes beyond reproach. 

From the very depths of my being, for your kindness and caring beyond belief, I thank you Angel, Nicole, Cindy, Rhea, Candace and Emma all at Origin.

At Canmore General, thank you Tracy, Brett, Dr. Barrack and Dr. Morin.

There is something special within each one of you that spoke to me by your actions, that will never be forgotten. You have no idea how much all of this means to me, nor how you will never ever be forgotten for the hugs, the comforting words, the genuine care and concern.

My life has become that much richer because of you regardless of the unfortunate reasons our paths have crossed. 

My memories of Canmore are a blur. I had hoped to see Canmore from a visitor’s point of view, instead it was only the path between Origin and the hospital for all the trips that I made. 

I hope to visit Canmore this spring or summer to truly see, experience, finally breathe in and out and appreciate the beautiful little town nestled in the Rocky Mountains that is filled with the most amazing people I have ever met.

On behalf of my brother and sisters – we thank you. 

Liane Karba,