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Vox Populi

Letter: A doggone walk

Editor: When an unknown large dog, or any animal, comes at you unexpectedly it can spoil your day. As a dog owner, please do not assume everyone welcomes your dog's attention

Letter: Heliport reduces quality of life

Editor: Certainly, we did not expect the significant reduction of the quality of life this has caused when we built our house 25 years ago.

Letter: Coded laundry

Editor: A strong community means that people earn a living wage and can afford to live and participate in the community.

Letter: Park management versus business management

Editor: No question that popular destinations around the world are suffering from increased crowding.

Letter: Banff council should protect its citizens from slips and falls

Editor: I don’t believe that every single sidewalk and crosswalk needs to be cleared of ice and snow down to the pavement, but I do believe that every pedestrian expects that they will have a reasonable chance to walk from one side of the street to the other side without ending up in the hospital. 

Letter: Racism shows itself in Canmore

Editor: I have heard it said that our actions speak or truths. And our truths are based on our knowledge and perception.

Letter: Passenger railway to the Bow Valley a game changer

"It is in Canmore’s best interests to hold a thoughtful and responsible discussion on how we can maximize the upside of passenger rail for our community while minimizing the downside."

Letter: Thank you to Canmore General Hospital and Origin staff

Editor: Most of us have heard that cliché and verse of everything in life happening for a reason, season or lifetime.

Letter: Banff should enforce speed limits to increase revenues

Editor: A recent article in the Outlook reported that Banff town council has got an inkling that Bylaw is not bringing in enough dough. There’s a pretty penny to be made in enforcing the 30 km/h limit on Banff Avenue.

Letter: Thank you to those who helped

Editor: I wish to acknowledge all those who were instrumental in returning my forgotten cellphone from the A&W in Canmore on Sunday (Feb. 2).