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Vox Populi

LETTER: Kenney should find better things to do

Editor: Dear Mr. Kenney, Please, please appoint me to run your next inquiry, committee or report. I've got it all down. I promise I won't finish it on time. My best estimate would be a runover of a year or two. I promise I'll only need a million

LETTER: Closed door bylaw should be considered for Banff to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Editor: With signs of climate change all around us and inspired by a renewed call for action, we are wondering if the Town of Banff will finally implement a closed door bylaw for downtown businesses? We have raised this issue over the last 20 years

LETTER: Draft K-6 curriculum a failure

Editor: “Who wrote the Alberta Government’s new curriculum?” asks a recent ad from the Alberta Teachers Association. I have been adamant that teachers did not write the K-6 draft curriculum. It is an inadequate, cobbled-together disaster. If teachers

LETTER: Thankful to be part of filming production

Editor: Am I spent? Yes. Am I happy? Yes. Have I finally thawed? Yes. We have all experienced or witnessed events during our lives that have made our hearts sing or break.

LETTER: Affordable housing on TSMV lands

Editor: In the 1992 Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) decision report on the Three Sisters Recreational and Tourism Project under the heading – Housing: Section 11.2.4: Three Sisters Resorts said that project zoning and density would be mixed,

LETTER: Disappointed with proposal for Banff Avenue pedestrian zone

Editor: I am writing to express my complete disagreement with establishing the Banff Avenue pedestrian zone for the next three years. It helped to alleviate the social distancing with COVID-19, but going forward out of the pandemic it only adds to

LETTER: Remembrance Day editorial strikes a chord

Editor: The Outlook's Nov. 11 editorial titled "Government Failing to Help Veterans” struck a chord for me. I was employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs to assist Aboriginal war veterans to obtain retirement pensions. I interviewed veterans and

LETTER: Pleased to see three ski resorts require proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Editor: I would like to commend the leadership behind the decision to require vaccination at Sunshine, Norquay and Nakiska. I was very surprised to learn that Lake Louise is not doing the same. Requiring vaccination at these winter attractions will keep

LETTER: Disappointed in no outdoor Banff skating rink this year

Editor: Town of Banff will NOT have an outdoor skating rink at either the high school or on Bear Street this year and according to the report from administration in the Nov. 8 meeting agenda, the town is not planning to have outdoor skating at the

LETTER: Referendum on daylight savings didn't cover all options

Editor: How can the referendum on daylight saving be binding when we were not allowed to vote on all options? The option to be on permanent Mountain Standard Time was missing. This question should have had two parts to it. The first question is: Do