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Vox Populi

LETTER: Support local businesses, people with kindness

Editor: We’ve all heard or read this quote more than ever in the recent months: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”.

LETTER: Kenney, UCP bungling pandemic response

Editor: It’s shocking that our exceedingly inept Premier Jason Kenney and his bungling UCP government has managed to drop the ball – the same ball – yet again. Even a puppy is able to understand bad behaviour and adjust itself faster than this

LETTER: It takes a community to climb a mountain

Editor: It sounded relatively straight forward when I moved to Canmore from Edmonton seven months ago for a new job and adventure. Buy some good hiking boots, obtain a ‘water/wind proof’ jacket as opposed to the ‘resistant’ labels, grab a ski pole or

LETTER: Alberta should recognize National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

Editor: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has been tripping over his tongue ever since the day he was elected. During all this time he has reacted to controversial issues by deflecting blame and shifting it upon someone else. His Napoleonic complex prevents

LETTER: Disappointed by members of Banff council on proposed gondola

Editor: As a frequent visitor to Banff, a veteran of many artist’s residencies at the Banff Centre, and an avid tourist in both the summer and winter seasons, I have followed with interest the recent statements of Parks Canada, and the actions of

LETTER: Appreciative for dedicated, hardworking coaches

Editor: We are writing to express our heartfelt thanks to three Canmore soccer coaches – Joal Borggard, Lebor Kreml and Neil Orchard. They provided an extra month of soccer for U-11 and U-13 boys during September. Their coaching expertise and

LETTER: Not happy with parking at Lake Louise

Editor: I was recently in beautiful Lake Louise with my sister and 93-year-old mother from Ontario. Chateau Lake Louse has always been my favourite stop in the Canadian Rockies. We were very frustrated and angry how Parks Canada has managed the parking

LETTER: Thank you to outgoing mayor and councillor

Editor: Thanks to outgoing Mayor John Borrowman and Councillor Esmé Comfort. With the Canmore municipal election on Monday, Oct. 18, it is time to thank Mayor Borrowman and Coun. Comfort for their long and dedicated service to the Canmore community as

LETTER: Enforce or increase speed limits on Trans-Canada Highway

Editor: The unenforced, or very lightly enforced speed limit of 90 km/h on the Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park is ridiculous. It places drivers like myself who try to obey speed limits in a very awkward position. Do we observe the speed

LETTER: Co-existence between humans and animals important

Editor: World Animal Day is Oct. 4 and it is a time to reflect upon the creatures with whom we share the planet and to consider the crises vast numbers of species are encountering. Therefore, it is relevant to mention two articles in the Aug.