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Vox Populi

LETTER: Wear a lifejacket when on the water

Editor: Just a note to draw to the public's attention that the two photos of kayakers on Two Jack Lake from the June 9 Outlook made me take notice of the absence of lifejackets. Most water accidents are unanticipated and mountain lakes that are cold

LETTER: Council shouldn't appeal, look to add housing

Editor: In reading the June 9 Outlook, one can only shake their head in bewilderment. On the front page, Canmore's council wants to appeal new housing development so only the lawyers will be making money. The Land and Property Rights Tribunal ruling was

LETTER: Gondola project should not move forward

Editor: I am opposed to the construction of a gondola up Mount Lady Macdonald. First and foremost, 93 per cent of the project footprint is within the Bow Valley Wildland Provincial Park, which does not permit tourism attractions such as a gondola. The

LETTER: Potential smoking, vaping restrictions could lead to no smoking in Banff

Editor: It seems a survey presented to Banff council on June 22, 2020, that was based on the responses of 508 respondents for proposed new smoking/toking/vaping regulations, will be the basis to determine new and more restricted areas where people will

LETTER: Palliative care needed in community

Editor: I would love to see a palliative care centre in the Bow Valley that would be available to all that have a need for it. I feel the most logical and cost-effective site would be on the land adjoining the Canmore General Hospital.

LETTER: Gondola project could impact wildlife, cause traffic congestion

Editor: I am dismayed that Stone Creek Resorts want to push forward with its proposed Mount Lady Macdonald gondola project. Hopefully the province will push for full assessment studies to determine possible weaknesses in the proposal. Firstly, the

LETTER: Thank you to people who helped

Editor: I was biking in the Rundleview area on Friday (June 3) when I experienced a face plant on Olympic Drive. One moment I was merrily biking along, the next I was being lifted onto a stretcher and into an ambulance. The result was a concussion, skin

LETTER: Decisions should be looked at with modern lens, not one of 30 years ago

Editor: I am writing in response to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal (LPRT) decisions regarding the Three Sisters Village and Smith Creek area structure plans (ASP). The LPRT decided the ASPs – which were the subject of several days of public

LETTER: Tribunal decisions begs questions on whose public interest

Editor: The Land and Property Rights Tribunal decisions on the Smith Creek and Three Sisters Village area structure plans is an excellent example of the problems with our current economic system where the main priority is economic growth at the

LETTER: Independent third party review essential for 800 Canmore

Editor: It is unfortunate there was not a proper independent third party review of the proposed 800 3rd Avenue Canmore development available with the other documents posted online in advance of the May 24 public hearing on bylaws 2022-09 and 2022-10.