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Vox Populi

LETTER: Stop rewarding people who aren't vaccinated

Editor: Fifty-five years ago, I graduated from Regina General Hospital (RGH) School of Nursing and subsequently practised as an registered nurse in numerous settings. The emergency department at the University of Alberta hospital in Edmonton was

LETTER: Intersection brings improved safety for residents

Editor: It has been popular to complain about many aspects of the famous intersection. Now that the intersection is finally complete, it is time to judge the intersection. First and foremost, the intersection is safer. Safer for walkers, cyclists

LETTER: Impressed with outstanding photography in newspaper

Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding contribution that your photojournalist Evan Buhler makes to the Rocky Mountain Outlook each and every week.

LETTER: Federal election transformational moment for Canada

Editor: Though it has been sprung on us in a most inappropriate way and at a very unfortunate time, the federal election in Canada on Sept. 20 could be as important to the future of our country as the presidential election in Nov. 2020 was to our

LETTER: Elections important in expressing hope for future

Editor: On September 20, a federal election will impact how we move forward as a nation. Elections are a critical moment in time where citizens can express their hopes for the future and raise issues that matter to them. As a community, we can bring our

LETTER: Alternative options for less traffic on Bow Valley Parkway

Editor: In response to Preserving the Access, Recreation and Tradition of the Bow Valley Parkway (PART) advertisement in the Aug. 19 and Sept.

LETTER: The province needs to rewrite the K-6 draft curriculum

Editor: Jason Kenney announces, “parents know best,” as he withdraws the 2021 draft curriculum from consideration. No, sorry. That’s what he said when passing legislation to allow schools to proliferate outside the public school system while being

LETTER: COVID-19 isn't over yet

Editor: COVID-19 variants have little regard for vaccine status. The daily counts tell us we are still at risk. No version of COVID-19 cares what the government says we can or cannot do. Eschewing a COVID-19 vaccine does not release you from social

LETTER: Close the parkway to vehicle traffic

Editor: I am in favour of closing the Bow Valley Parkway permanently. Four years ago, three of us had returned back to the Parkway from a hike to Ink Pots. We were about two kilometres north of Johnston Canyon and were 10 meters from the road when we

LETTER: Survey on cycling options for Highway 1A flawed

Editor: The Parks Canada online survey initiated for cycling options on Highway 1A in 2022 in Banff National Park is flawed. I believe you have deliberately prevented respondents from choosing between all the possible closure options, like offering