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Vox Populi

LETTER: Path forward needs 'courageous leadership'

Editor: In the current budget, Canmore council established a $750,000 project to fund its defence against the $161 million lawsuit filed by Three Sisters Mountain Village Properties Limited (TSMVPL) against the Town and individual town councillors.

LETTER: Town in position for a successful appeal

Editor: The 1992 Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) decision clearly stated the Town of Canmore’s authority regarding Three Sisters development in Section 7.2 of their report that “an order of the Board is not finally determinative of whether

LETTER: Supposed conflict of interest 'far fetched'

Editor: The letter "tread carefully councillors" in the May 26 Outlook appears to be a cautionary note to newly elected Councillors Jeff Mah and Wade Graham referring to these councillors’ involvement in helping create Bow Valley Engage, which deals

LETTER: Tread carefully councillors

Editor: First-term Councillors Jeff Mah and Wade Graham are two of the founders of Bow Valley Engage – the social media site that rallied residents to oppose Three Sisters Mountain Village Properties Limited proposed land developments. They were not

LETTER: Better highway lighting needed

Editor: I wanted to bring attention to another potential contributing factor to the fatal hit and run on the Trans-Canada Highway on May 1 and how the lack of working lights on the highway could have been a factor.

LETTER: Dog owners need to be respectful

Editor: Did you hear the one about the Canmore leash law? Before I go off on a rant about leash laws and dog owners not picking up after their animals, I would like to thank all responsibe dog owners.

LETTER: Town should look at appeal options for tribunal decision

Editor: You know how to defeat a bully? Whether it's Russian President Vladimir Putin or Three Sisters Mountain Village Property Limited? Punch them in the face. That's right. Now I'm not condoning violence – no way – but Town of Canmore mayor and

LETTER: Look to Germany to improve Canadian healthcare

Editor: What good is a free healthcare system if you can’t get healthcare? No doctor or clinic in the Bow Valley, Cochrane and several ones in Calgary is accepting new patients. It's painfully obvious, that the so-called free public health care system

LETTER: Lowering highway speeds a viable answer

Editor: I am writing in regards to the discussion of a pedestrian overpass over the Trans-Canada Highway to facilitate movement from the important residential area north of the highway to amenities and businesses south of the highway. The overpass is a

LETTER: Affordable housing a priority for Canmore

Editor: I have my own house that I am thankful is paid for, so affordable housing is not one of my personal problems. Rather, I am writing this on behalf of all my young friends who grew up here and cannot afford to buy a house, condo, or apartment and