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Vox Populi

Glacier Discovery Walk could be world model

Editor: I am writing in response to the recent letter to the editor suggesting that the process of Parks Canada’s support for the Glacier Discovery Walk is flawed.

Support your local small business

Editor: Seven years ago, an idea was conceived by a local Bow Valley family to start an ice cream shop in Canmore.

CP needs to slow down trains

Editor: In reference to the RMO articles in issues Feb. 3 and March 10, 2011. A footnote: On March 7, Meadow was killed on the railway. The one-year-old, female was a family member of the Pipestone not the Bow Valley Pack.

My Rocky Mountain Home

Coal mining town in a beautiful valley Encircled by lofty mountain peaks Bounded by evergreen forests Divided by the fast flowing Bow Cold, snowy winters and long, hot summers Yielding a rich wildlife refuge and Superb sports playground A town of har

Options for full-day kindergarten

Editor: I would like to stand by Mr. Russell regarding full-day kindergarten options in the Bow Valley. Since its opening in September 2001, l’école Notre-Dame des Monts has been offering a full-day kindergarten to its students.

Welcome to Exshaw

Editor: For all those Canmorites who have the sheer audacity to park their personal recreational vehicles on their own private property, offending the sensibilities of your shallow neighbours – come to Exshaw. We don’t mind.

Veterans need the legislation

Editor: Where is the legislation? The government of the day, through the Minister of Veterans Affairs, has made several announcements and promises on Bill C-55 (New Veterans Charter), which has received first reading in the House of Commons but has n

Please help New Zealand quake victims

Editor: Last September in the early hours of the morning, the beautiful New Zealand city of Christchurch survived a massive 7.

Wild Bill's closing sad news for Banff

Editor: During my recent trip to Banff I learned some very sad news, that Wild Bill’s would be closing its doors forever. I was shocked, but mostly hurt.

Shocked by councillor's letter

Editor: Re: Other local options for full day kindergarten. Ed Russell’s letter was somewhat of a shock for me.