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Vox Populi

Parks Canada's new face

Editor: The New Face of Parks Canada.

Bunny decision a shame for council

Editor: Isn’t it a shame that Canmore council cannot demonstrate good judgement and a more responsible approach to the so called bunny problem? Amending a bylaw to allow what I can only describe as a senseless and inhumane act – trapping and killing,

Dog problem at Spray

Editor: Spray Village is home for me and every day I have the privilege of taking advantage of unbelievably beautiful runs to work and to train, bear spray in hand.

Spring Creek bridge

Editor: As one of the many grateful users of the new bridge across Spring Creek, I feel obligated to offer a response to last week’s correspondent who expressed her dismay and questioned the motives and environmental ethics of the bridge’s builder.

Parents poor models

Editor: Thank you, Canmore, for putting on another great Canada Day parade. This is the sixth year that I have attended the parade and my family and I enjoy it each year. The floats were wonderful, the crowds jovial and the organization great.

Bike etiquette

Editor: As a part-time resident of Canmore, I am perplexed about bicycle etiquette here. I cannot tell you how many times I have been startled or almost run over by a cyclist while walking on sidewalks and trails around town.

Rabbit solution

Editor: The bunny loving ladies who wrote to you earlier will be pleased to find that I have a solution to their concerns that should please everyone – anti- and pro-rabbit alike.

Track safety

Editor: It is Thursday, June 23, 8:30 a.m. and I am driving back from the Cougar Creek dog walk. I cross the train tracks at the Spring Creek entrance and, looking both ways as I normally do, see three tweens...

Beam the bunnies out, captain

Editor: Last week’s letters regarding the Bunny Problem were long on angst, but short on practical solutions. Hence: 1. The Friday the 13th solution. Messy, but Jason works for free. 2. The Trouble with Tribbles.

In support of a rabbit cull

Editor: Regarding the town’s decision to get rid of the rabbit infestation, I wanted to bring an alternative perspective to this problem.