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Vox Populi

Dog owners not properly dealt with

Editor: With regard to Renae Elliott’s letter in the Feb. 16 issue of the Outlook. I honestly wish after two decades I did not feel compelled to write (yet another) letter to the editor regarding this (what should easily be) enforceable issue.

Short-sighted bridge

Editor: Re: proposed Muskrat Street pedestrian bridge Banff Town council has approved and is moving forward on a pedestrian bridge/sewage line hider that will extend from the end of Muskrat Street to Glen Avenue on the south side of the Bow River to

Decision compromises mountain West

Editor: Re: Brewster viewpoint By approving the sale of a Columbia Icefield viewpoint to a foreign corporation, Minister Kent and Parks Canada have established a significant precedent.

Problem with dogs

Editor: Over the last few weeks I have been riding my horse on the Marsh Loop Trail along the river and by the Cave and Basin. Every time I have gone out I have encountered dogs.

Roundabouts needed

Editor: The Bow Valley Clean Air Society (BVCAS), thinks the time has come to install modern roundabouts on Railway Avenue. Now is the time to install these devices.

A modest proposal to top up pension plans

Editor: Blake Richards, our man in Ottawa, has over the past few weeks been soliciting input for the upcoming federal budget, and of late the prime minister, on his trip to Davos, has been lamenting the burden that will be inflicted upon the nation w

Museum needs funding

Editor: To Blake Richards, MP, Wild Rose: Dear Blake, is there an opportunity to include the Buffalo Nations Museum in your Economic Recovery Plan as an adjunct to the Restorative Plan taking place in Banff for the Cave & Basin? The museum is an icon

Disappointed with council

Editor: After fighting for my own store and a balance of chain stores in Banff, I felt incredibly disappointed with my own Town council.

Of wolves, caribou and national parks

Editor: I haven’t read the newspaper for a while and maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t this morning (Jan. 28) either.

Ralph a bad choice

Editor: I think Mr. Love is mistaken when he flippantly presumes that the selection committee has overlooked Ralph Klein as being worthy to receive the Order of Canada.