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Vox Populi

Veterans need the legislation

Editor: Where is the legislation? The government of the day, through the Minister of Veterans Affairs, has made several announcements and promises on Bill C-55 (New Veterans Charter), which has received first reading in the House of Commons but has n

Please help New Zealand quake victims

Editor: Last September in the early hours of the morning, the beautiful New Zealand city of Christchurch survived a massive 7.

Wild Bill's closing sad news for Banff

Editor: During my recent trip to Banff I learned some very sad news, that Wild Bill’s would be closing its doors forever. I was shocked, but mostly hurt.

Shocked by councillor's letter

Editor: Re: Other local options for full day kindergarten. Ed Russell’s letter was somewhat of a shock for me.

Crossing needed near high school

Editor: To Town of Canmore mayor and council: I read with interest the budget for the new Multiplex in last week’s newspaper.

Ethical Oil

The mighty Athabasca lands Home of the moose and bear The river teemed with walleye and The wolf lurked in its lair The landscape silent, still and deep Where trappers plied their trade The tarsands dormant and asleep where river otter played A wildl

Dogsled operator praised

Editor: We were fortunate enough to find Snowy Owl in 2001 when we were looking to experience dog sledding for the first time. We were hooked.

Bow Valley Parkway - detour for wildlife

Editor: The Bow Valley Parkway is an exceptional place – a low-speed scenic parkway winding along the base of the Sawback Range, overlooking a mosaic of marsh, spruce forest, poplar stands and meadows.

Howling Dog Tours unfairly targeted

Editor: I am so sick of hearing about how we need to support our local businesses and then seeing everyone stand casually by and watch a local business get crucified for a tragedy that had nothing to do with them. Howling Dog Tours Ltd.

Facing facts versus personal attacks

Dear Editor: Let’s find common ground and a solution to a problem.