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Vox Populi

Keep national parks sacred

Editor: We have been visiting Jasper and Canada’s national parks for decades, so I feel compelled to express my opposition to the proposed Glacier Discovery Walk being planned by Brewster at the Tangle Ridge viewpoint.

Chain stores have upside

Editor: Kudos to Banff town councillor Paul Baxter for refusing to meddle in the free market as Banff town council considers a quota on chain operations.

Find a balance for chain stores in Banff

Editor: As you know, the Banff Tea Company and many town residents have been demonstrating that we don’t want any new competing chain stores in town and that a balance has to be struck (We had 90 people at the rally at town hall and the letters keep

Which is the feral animal?

Editor: The concept of feral animals has been a hot topic in the Bow Valley recently, so I decided to do a little research. What I discovered, and found fascinating, is that the word feral has several distinct and very different meanings.

Stop for flashing school bus lights

Editor: Attention all drivers of Canmore: There seems to be some confusion out there as to what to do when school bus lights are flashing red.

Measuring Your Value

Editor: How can the Bow Valley measure the value of its residents and visitors who volunteer their time and skills? It’s a question I ponder as I begin my new volunteer assignment as a board member with the Banff Volunteer Centre (BVC).

Close the doors

Close the doors Editor: Close the door, baby, it’s cold outside. It has now been six years since this issue was raised by a small group of concerned residents. But nothing has changed.

Has it really come to this?

Editor: Well... Canmore’s bunnies (feral rabbits, whichever you’d like to call them) are slated for capture and death. Has it really come to this? The Town (Canmore) released a Feral Rabbit Control Request For Proposal to the ‘public’ on Aug. 8.

Music in the air

Editor: Thursday morning, I awoke to a sweet verse played on a lone horn outside my window. I ran to open the curtains to see if the player was in my back yard. No sign. I then looked to the west, to the east. And then to the north.

Killing bunnies wrong

Editor: I cannot believe that the Town of Canmore is planning to murder all the bunnies.