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Vox Populi

LETTER: Brief history of the Bow Valley Parkway and PART advocacy group

Editor: In response to Gordon Stermanns letter in the Aug. 26 edition of the Outlook , what are credentials / history behind the Public Notice in the Outlook / specifically P.A.R.T. I am happy to provide some background and context to the notice.

LETTER: Money spent on intersection could have been used better

Editor: I detect more than a little whiff of sanctimony and moralizing in the letter “Intersection design will have longterm benefit for Canmore” in the August 19 issue of the Outlook. The intersection in question – known to many as “that #!*!!

LETTER: Bow Valley Parkway should remain open to vehicles

Editor: Banff National Park – like all of Canada's national parks – is a source of grandeur and enjoyment, which is now being threatened by a proposal by Parks Canada regarding the Bow Valley Parkway.

LETTER: Issues on transparency in recent advertisement in paper

Editor: I am writing to you concerning a third-quarter page advertisement posted in last week’s Rocky Mountain Outlook on page 11 which, in a somewhat alarming tone, warned against closing the Bow Valley Parkway to vehicle traffic. While nothing in the

LETTER: Thank you to cyclists for following road rules

Editor: I would like to thank all the cyclists who ring their bells when passing or shout out on your left or right and to those who ride on the wonderful bike paths the Town of Canmore has provided for them and not on the road beside the bike paths.

LETTER: The time is now to rename Tunnel Mountain

Editor: In 2014, several Indigenous leaders and elders submitted a request to the chairperson of the Geographical Names Board of Canada to recognize and return the original name to the mountain, currently known as Tunnel Mountain. The original name of

LETTER: Thank you to first responders during wildfire near Dead Man's Flats

Editor: I don’t have licence to speak for others, but I need to take a moment to recognize the efforts of those who made an impactful statement on the lives of residents in Dead Man's Flats. The recent fire along the Trans-Canada, east of our

LETTER: Government is devaluing registered nurses

Editor: As a registered nurse working on Alberta’s healthcare frontline, I find the UCP government’s attempt to reduce Alberta’s registered nurses’ wages by 3 per cent to help balance provincial finances deeply disappointing and tremendously

LETTER: Intersection design will have longterm benefit for Canmore

Editor: In the midst of a summer that has been characterized by a deadly heatwave, drought, devastating forest fires and intense smoke, it is difficult to empathize with drivers writing letters to the paper complaining about being inconvenienced by the

LETTER: Keep wearing masks to protect against wildfire smoke

Editor: Besides the huge impacts of wildfires on the planet outlined in Bob Sandford’s excellent commentary in the July 22 edition of the Outlook, the immediate health impacts are surprisingly significant. Inhaling wildfire smoke is equivalent to