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Vox Populi

Trail care needed

Editor: Re: biker injured on sabotaged trail.

Helicopters valuable in community

Editor: Wow, that was quite the vicious and angry attack on Alpine Helicopters by Bob Smerek in last week’s letters. Being a new resident of Canmore, Mr. Smerek may not realize that the Canmore heliport actually was once well outside of town.

Rabbits threaten natural wildlife

Editor: More bunny thoughts. Canmore children think the bunnies are so cute but face it… the Canmore bunny is an invasive species and may threaten the Rockies’ natural wildlife.

Cull deer next?

Editor: It is refreshing to see the likes of Kyndra Biggy and her friends supporting the cause of keeping Canmore rabbits alive and well. Good for her.

Who should move?

Editor: Re: the letter by Bob Smerek (Oct. 27). To our recall, Alpine Helicopters did do the right thing and opened their operation outside the Town boundaries. Since that time, it would seem that people have built around them.

Thanks to the Remples

Editor: Paula and Ron Remple have done a stellar job for the Canmore and Area Health Care Foundation and for the community.

Disappointed with Parks' stance on Norquay

Editor: So Banff superintendent Pam Veinotte virtually would ignore the commitments and the deal agreed upon by Parks Canada and Norquay just because they occurred 22 years ago (RMO, Oct.

Fraud letters a smokescreen

Editor: This is in response to your commentary editorial regarding the fraudulent letters and that recently, residents are being coaxed/coerced into complaining.

Disgusted by bear death

Editor: Reading your article in the Oct. 06 issue leaves me with a feeling of sadness and disgust. Again, another wild and magnificent animal has been destroyed because of careless human intrusion.

Letter to editor a fraud

Editor: I am dismayed and resent that my name and that of Bow Valley Ford were attached to the correspondence regarding Alpine Helicopters which was published on October 13, 2011.