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Vox Populi

Nothing wrong with parking RVs

Editor: It’s amazing how government at any level takes it upon themselves to tell the citizenry what they can and cannot do with their property, possessions and money.

Listen to environmental concerns

Editor: Does Parks Canada have any intention of listening to those of us who have valid environmental concerns? Although we are invited to comment on Mt.

Keep dogs on leash and under control

Editor: There is a bylaw in Canmore, clause 2.2, that states you must have your dog under control by a leash attached to either a choke chain, collar or harness.

Canmore's rabbit plan a poor one

Editor: Mayor Casey and Councillors, This is regarding the recent decison of town council to allot $50,000 to capture feral rabbits in Canmore and ship them to be used as food at facilities such as wildlife rehab centres.

Ban the vanity police of Canmore

Editor: Cidnee Wind should look a few degrees up and enjoy the mountains around town and stop staring at what is parked in someone else’s driveway. The “Town” is just fine appearance-wise.

Less than beautiful should be dealt with

Editor: I would like to point out a correction to the RMO 01/27/2011 Vox Populi: Al K. Hall’s letter should have read Sarcastic Support for Town Dealing with Bunnies. It was clear Mr.

Thank you for 125th support

Editor: We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped make the 125th anniversary of Banff National Park such a smashing success throughout 2010.

Changes to ski area studies necessasry

Editor: Re: Feds propose change to environmental ski area studies (Jan.

Good and bad from RCMP

Editor: The letter to the editor by Marjorie R. Bridge RCMP Criticized in the Jan. 13 Outlook must have been written in haste.

RCMP actions should be praised

Editor: Re: RCMP criticized I couldn’t believe what I was reading from Ms. Bridges (Jan. 13 RMO). I can only praise the RCMP to the hilt for their actions.