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Vox Populi

Clarifying Parks' stance

Editor: I wish to correct factual errors in the article from your April 14 edition entitled “Little support for Parks special events”.

Check mirror, then crusade

Editor: Alvin Shier displays an alarming level of cynicism about politicians generally that forces this old political junkie and campaigner to pause.

In support of LKD projects

Editor: I was thrilled to read the editorial two weeks ago. I have been intending to write a letter to the editor on this subject for a long time now and you inspired me to get to it. Exshaw has too much lime kiln dust.

Remember the Korean War

Editor: April marks the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Kapyong – one of the most significant battles fought by the Canadians in the Korean War.

Lonely ski looking for friend

Dear Editor: There seem to be more references to dementia in the media these days: early signs to watch for, prophylactic exercises for the brain, celebrities diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, etc. It’s enough to make a boomer worry.

Other factors at work in bear deaths, not just trains

Editor: The recent article on the grizzly bear The Boss mentioned that the CPR has killed 12 grizzly bears in BNP since 2000 and about 21 bears in the mountain national parks since 1990 – roughly one bear per year, not including the indirect deaths o

Can't support Conservatives

Editor: “Snap!” Do you know what that sound was? It was the last straw breaking regarding any affinity that I might have had with the current government. I’ve had enough.

Underpass idea

Editor: $50,000 on some concrete letters to prevent graffiti? How about a competition? $5,000 for the best work of graffiti art? For that kind of money we could do this competition every year for the next ten years? I understand that concrete once in

Thank you for the support

Editor: Congratulations to all of the women who through their hard work and dedication to health, achieved their goals.

Full support for Glacier Walk

Editor: I have been following this proposal (Discovery Walk) with a great deal of interest. Initially, I wasn’t certain that a development of this nature was appropriate, but after looking further into the concept I find that I am in full support.