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Vox Populi

Quarter million raised

Editor: How do you turn $135,000.00 into $270,000 to help Japan? It’s easy when you combine the Japanese Society in Banff and The Banff Rotary Club.

Something wrong with justice system

Editor: I find it quite amusing that on page 17 of last week’s issue (March 31) John Reilly desires to see smart justice rather than tough justice.

Nay to the naysayers

Editor: It must be spring election time in the Rockies. The birds are flying back from Ottawa. Canmore naysayers are also busy once again disparaging our new Multiplex as a $36 million “fashion statement”. Well, I say nay to nay-saying naysayers.

Thank you for Japan support

Editor: This past week there was a fundraiser at St. Michael’s Anglican Church to raise money for the people of Japan. This was an incredible evening and could not have happened without the support of this community.

Urging halt of Discovery Walk

Editor: Dear Mr. Latourelle: I am writing with a follow-up to my comments on the proposed Glacier Discovery Walk in Jasper National Park.

Federal proposals better suited for Disneyland, not national parks

Editor: I recently read a passage in a book that involved discussion among three wise women who were sharing their innermost thoughts on the human element in terms of how we react to important issues.

Problem with offender checks

Editor: Male and born the same day as a pardoned sex offender? Are you thinking about volunteering to coach soccer, drive a cab part-time or go back to university to teach school in the near future? If you are, you will eventually need a vulnerable s

BVSPCA deserves our support

Editor: I am writing to express my disappointment at Banff Council rejecting the Bow Valley SPCA’s request for funding.

Plea made for bike bell use

Editor: To all cyclists, past, present and future in Canmore (and probably Banff as well), I have but two things to say to you all as you head out on the trails, sidewalks and whatever else you see fit to spoil for everyone else and that is: slow dow

Thank you for relief efforts

Editor: On behalf of the entire Japanese community in Banff, the Banff Japanese Language School would like to say thank you to all our Bow Valley friends for your great help with our bottle drive fundraiser to benefit Japanese Tohoku earthquake and t